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Turbulent times dented mobile phone sales, restricted in-store visits and accelerated online buying. Against this backdrop, new-to-market 5G phones have renewed consumers’ appetites for upgrades.

Many mobile phone owners plan to trade in their current phones to offset the cost of a new, 5G device. This is predicted to set off an upgrade “super cycle” that will also fuel the secondary device market. Can the mobile industry capitalize on this phenomenon by expanding buy-back/trade-in programs beyond store walls?

Our global survey of 6,000 mobile device owners reveals:

  • How many consumers are open to conducting device trade-ins online
  • The challenges that OEMs, retailers, resellers and others in the mobile industry have in increasing online trade-ins
  • The steps mobile device buyers and sellers must take to win over consumers to a new, but potentially lucrative, method of mobile upgrading

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