In the third quarter of 2016, Apple’s iPhones and iPads failed almost twice as much as their Android counterparts, driven by bugs in the iOS 10 update. Additionally, the immense popularity of Pokemon GO caused the game’s iOS app to crash frequently and drained the battery on Android devices. Remember, these are software issues, yet users may be unsatisfied with their device performance and begin to seek help from their carriers, insurers and mobile devices operators.

Download the Q3 2016 State of Mobile Device and Health Report to get key highlights to help consumers rectify their device’s performance issues, including the following:

  • How to recover a device if it gets “bricked” after installing the new iOS 10 update.
  • Tips on how to overcome the biggest annoyance for iOS users, such as temperature, crashing apps and receiver.
  • Ways to optimize the LeEco Le 2 smartphone, after it was ranked as the Android model with the highest failure rate in Q3 2016.
  • Recommendations if the Pokemon GO app crashes for iOS users.


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