Return Material Authorization (RMA) hard drives should be returned, under warranty, to the manufacturer for a replacement or refund. However, these drives may contain sensitive data, such as employee or customer records. Many times, faulty or end-of-life hard drives are kept onsite, creating penalty fees for “keep my disk” clauses in lease controls, as well as simply taking up space and incurring storage fees.

Research conducted by Coleman Parkes for Blancco in December 2018, including responses from 600 Data Center experts in APAC, Europe and North America, shows that inefficient data sanitization processes like these are costing some organizations hundreds of thousands of dollars annually. For others, more than half of their onsite IT assets are essentially dead weight, resulting in the loss of efficiency, increasing capital costs, possible noncompliance and potential security risks.

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  • Top Data Center Challenges
  • Challenges of Keeping Out-of-Date Assets Onsite
  • Limitations of Data Destruction & Encryption
  • Tips for Creating More Efficient Data Sanitization Practices
  • One Easy Way to Save Money in Your Data Center

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