The Price of Destruction

Exploring the Financial & Environmental Costs of Public Sector Device Sanitization

Government spending faces intense scrutiny. Yet responses from 596 public sector and government IT leaders in nine countries reveal that millions of dollars go toward destroying and replacing still-usable solid-state drives (SSDs) each year.

Why? A growing cyberthreat burden, increased data regulations, and rapid digital transformation demand greater data security—and properly destroying end-of-life hardware renders stored data inaccessible. At the same time, policy makers worldwide are calling for “greener” operations within government, driving a need to consider secure, but more sustainable, options.

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  • How much our respondents spend on needless device destruction
  • What regulatory, economic, and environmental perceptions affect today’s public sector SSD destruction practices
  • What inadequate data destruction methods put organizations at risk
  • How governments can increase data security while minimizing environmental harm—and what should be considered to get there.

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