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Apr 21, 2023 Solution Brief

Processors, retailers & value-add service providers: how will you use Blancco Mobile?

The mobile device ecosystem is a circular, enclosed journey.

Smartphones and tablets go from point of sale to end-of-first-life and recycling or reuse with many touchpoints along the way. Depending on your role in the device lifecycle, you’ll have different, but critical needs for certified data erasure, trusted device diagnostics, labor-saving automation, and flexible and reliable deployment methods.

As the global leader in technology sanitization, grading, and processing, Blancco is pleased to serve mobile device processors, OEMs, retailers and resellers, insurers, and others in the mobile industry with best-value mobile solutions that advance your business—securely and efficiently.

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Blancco mobile solutions include:

  • A best-in-class, diagnostics-enabled erasure platform that exceeds speed, data security, compliance, and sustainability needs, from intake through processing and resale, all while reducing operating cost and risk.
  • A suite of preprocessing diagnostic solutions, geared to provide rapid, relevant valuations for every e-retail need (insurance, lease, trade-in, and fault validation).

Blancco’s advancements in automation, mobile diagnostics, and mobile data erasure ensure you get the best value for handling smartphones, tablets, and mobile devices of virtually any make or model—increasing profit margins and increasing your capabilities.

Download our Blancco Mobile solution brief to learn about the powerful diagnostics, erasure, and automation tools you now have at your disposal: tools that ease operations strain and empower you to serve your customer base more efficiently and completely.

Download the Solution Brief