How Blancco Mobile Solutions Address the Full Mobile Asset Lifecycle

Find out how our comprehensive mobile platform integrates with an extensive partner ecosystem to offer huge benefits to mobile processors.

Blancco offers solutions spanning the full lifecycle of mobile devices. We address the inherent challenges our customers face to effectively process, manage, verify, trust, diagnose and securely erase mobile assets based on operational needs and the evolving demands of omni-channel businesses.

Blancco’s Mobile Partner Ecosystem

Blancco continues to develop a robust ecosystem of partners integrating third-party data sets with intelligent routing to enable mobile processors to properly evaluate the devices they receive. Blancco Mobile Diagnostics and Erasure offers the option to choose from 13 different erasure algorithms to ensure no sensitive data is exposed throughout each stage of processing, while also providing crucial diagnostics information.

The way we choose our partners is important to us. We only partner with organizations that get their data from legal avenues and operate with integrity. This is no small task in the secondhand mobile market, as the bulk of data sources available use unauthorized channels compromising integrity and jeopardizing uptime.

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