How Does Blancco Help Organizations Achieve ISO 27001 Certification?

What is ISO?

ISO (or the International Organization for Standardization) was founded in 1946 and is currently supported by 159 countries as the leading issuing body for international standards.

What is ISO 27001?

ISO/ 27001 is one section of ISO/IEC 27000, which is part of a growing group of ISO/IEC Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) standards. Specifically, ISO/IEC 27000 is an international standard entitled: Information technology — Security techniques — Information security management systems — Overview and vocabulary.

The standards ISO 27000 to ISO 27002 were developed in cooperation with the “International Electrotechnical Commission” (IEC), which is a leading global issuer of international standards in electronics and electronic technologies.

ISO 27001 and ISO 27002 specifically addresses the controls, control objectives and requirement and guidelines necessary for an organization to achieve adequate information security. Organizations that have been certified against ISO 27001 have been verified to be in fulfillment of internationally- known and accepted security standards. Most 27001 certificates are for a specific portion of a company (e.g., a cloud service offering or a managed service). Such a certification increases customer trust.

How Blancco Solutions Can Help

A.11.2 Equipment
A.11.2.7 Secure disposal or reuse of equipment
All items of equipment containing storage media shall be verified to ensure that any sensitive data and licensed software has been removed or securely overwritten prior to disposal or re-use.
Blancco Technology Group is the de facto standard in data erasure. Blancco Data Eraser solutions completely and permanently remove data from LUNs, virtual machines, removable media, drives, computers and mobile devices before they are recycled, reused or resold, helping you meet ISO 27001 requirements.Our tamper-proof erasure reports mean you can prove you’re in regulatory compliance with data sanitization requirements with a 100% audit trail.

For over 20 years, Blancco has offered solutions that support compliance with data protection and privacy regulations such as ISO 27001.

We support the need for heavily-regulated industries to stay compliant data privacy and protection regulations with data erasure solutions that satisfy (and often exceed) requirements.

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