[On-Demand Webinar] Merging Speed & Compliance: Integrating Data Sanitization into ServiceNow Workflows

Webinar Overview

Do you already use ServiceNow for IT management workflows? If so, join this on-demand webinar to discover how our market-leading data erasure software can be seamlessly embedded into your existing asset management processes. 

Watch this session to learn: 

  • How to automate data erasure for multiple or single assets, across multiple data center servers, or for a single remote worker—whether for device replacement or redeployment, device break/fix, breached devices, loaner or temporary devices, employee exit, device recycling, or any other situation calling for end-of-life removal of sensitive data 
  • How integrating automated erasure workflows within ServiceNow results in efficiency and data protection assurance 
  • How tailored automation can eliminate manual processes—such as checking for legal hold status or blacklists—and better address requirements for erasure standards, device or drive condition, different levels of data sensitivity, and more 
  • How audit-ready erasure reports are saved to the cloud and integrated within ServiceNow for easy access 
  • We’ll also demonstrate the data erasure process within ServiceNow

Responsible data protection demands meticulous end-of-life data erasure within live environments and from decommissioned assets. Business demands efficiency. Get best practices for automating erasure within your existing IT management processes. 


Fredrik Forslund

Fredrik Forslund Vice President of Enterprise & Cloud Erasure Solutions, Blancco

Dhia Haddej - Blancco Author

Dhia Haddej Software Product Manager, Blancco

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