Blancco Drive Eraser: How to Use Configuration Tool and USB Creator


In this video we will look at two supporting tools for the drive eraser software: The Configuration Tool and the USB Creator. Both can be accessed from Under the erasure software tools section and from the areas highlighted here. Let’s first look at the configuration tool which is used to customize the settings of the drive erasure software. When we first load the Configuration tool we are present with the page shown here. From the upload ISO file window, we can choose the desired language and select the drive eraser image by clicking browse, selecting the image, clicking open and clicking upload. Once uploaded we are presented with the sections shown here. Under the General tab we can configure image information such as Licensed to details. Specify Customer details and operator details. Set localization settings such as language and keyboard layout and configure the screensaver settings. Under Hardware tests tab we can select the hardware tests we wish to perform by selecting or deselecting them as required. Under the security tab we can configure process options such as license control, selecting whether we want report per drive. In the security options we can define the default overwriting standard to be used, select if the Blancco SSD method should be enforced and specify the level of verification to be performed. Under the custom fields tab, we can configure fields for entering specific information, configure the field name, enter a default value if needed and selecting whether they is required fields. Under the Communication tab we can configure the management console details if required. Under the Networking tab we can select if DHCP will be used, whether Wireless connectivity should be enabled and configure a proxy connection. Under the OS tab we can select the default boot option, configure if the optical drive should be ejected and configure hotplug if required. Once the image is configured click Save As to save a copy of the configured ISO, edit the name if required. Now let’s look at the USB Creator tool, which can be used to Add the ISO file or files, order them as required and remove. Rename the menu entry as shown and select the USB we wish to configure then click Create USB and once the process has completed the bootable USB is ready.

Watch this video for a technical walk through of how to use the Configuration Tool and create bootable USB sticks when erasing data with Blancco Drive Eraser.

In This Video:
  • Automate SSD erasure processes to streamline operational efficiencies and improve security posture.
  • Prevent sensitive corporate, customer and employee data from being exposed and potentially breached.
  • Use certified reporting to provide an audit trail and comply with data protection regulations and guidelines.