[VIDEO] Blancco Partner Program

Oct 10, 2019 Video

Lack the resources to manage data sanitization in-house? Learn how Blancco’s Partner Program can help.Watch the video to find out about:


Sanitizing data once it reaches end-of-life is a best practice for all organizations. Secure data erasure helps companies achieve compliance with industry regulations and decreases risk. But sometimes, organizations need help implementing these solutions. For businesses that have special industry requirements or lack the ability to scale data erasure processes in-house, Blancco provides an extensive global partner network of software distributors and resellers.

Blancco works with its partners to provide their end customers with the most secure and certified erasure solution in the world. Resell partners gain exclusive access to extensive training, sales and marketing resources to help drive business, increase revenue and gain long term competitive advantages. Blancco also offers managed service providers the opportunity to add an additional revenue stream in an already security-conscious market to create even more stickiness and trust with their customers. As with resellers, Blancco provides managed service provider partners with business, technical, marketing and go-to-market support so they can expand their service offerings to offer both Device-as-a-Service and Erasure-as-a-Service solutions.

As part of the MSP Partner Program, Blancco offers in-depth training for MSPs to provide Erasure-as-a-Service (EaaS). EaaS Partner Certification includes a rigorous certification process that promotes knowledge around products, optimizations, erasure scenarios and audit trail accountability. As part of the certification, Blancco provides the partner with on-site support, as well as, updated trainings on the latest feature and process releases. Choosing to work with a Blancco Partner also offers Enterprise customers many benefits, including: world-class support, consulting services, a global ecosystem of partners to choose from, professional services offerings (such as best practices recommendations, retention policy support and more), industry-focused partner knowledge and compliance, partner training certification and Erasure-as-a-Service offerings to remove the work and guesswork from the erasure process.

To learn more about joining the Blancco Partner Program, or find an existing Blancco Partner, visit our website today.