[VIDEO] Data Center Eraser for Enterprise Data Centers

Jan 16, 2018 Video

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Watch the video for a quick overview of Blancco Data Center Eraser, and learn how your enterprise data center can be more efficient.


Until now, enterprise data centers have been forced to implement manual and time-consuming decommissioning processes and destroy or store valuable HDDs and SSDs to comply with internal and external compliance requirements. With Blancco Data Center Eraser, you no longer have to sacrifice operational efficiency to meet auditor demands. We provide the only solution designed to scale your operations into a simple, single process for asset decommissioning with the most trusted data erasure software and hardware appliances. Now, data center managers can fast-track data center decommissioning projects through simultaneous erasure of servers once your lease is up. Securely overwrite loose or failed drives by connecting them to our stand-alone hardware appliance so you can avoid manufacturer fees or recoup value, and target a logical storage volume, or erase all drives in a storage array when it comes time to resell or reuse your cabinet. Every erasure comes with a tamper-proof certificate containing the information you need to prove you’ve met data sanitization regulations and industry standards. To explore how Blancco Data Eraser solution can help you optimize, automate and monitor decommissioning operations, contact us today.

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