As you may already know traditional methods of wiping HDDs don’t work on flash-based SSDs, as SSDs come with their own unique risks and challenges, making it difficult to properly erase data from them. Watch this on-demand webinar to hear security expert Randy Franklin Smith explain why SSDs are different and learn what proven methods are recommended for securely destroying the data on SSDs.

You Will Learn:

  • Why high quality random data is important.
  • How Blancco provides military strength verified erasure of SSDs.
  • How to verify the data is really gone.


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Our Presenters

Randy Franklin Smith, Founder and Publisher

Russ Ernst, Vice President of Product Management

Jonathan Brew, Research Manager

Why Blancco

We’ve been certified, approved and recommended by 18 national and international governing bodies.
No other security firm can boast this level of compliance.

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