Our Vision

The Group’s key focus across its operations is to support the lifecycle of technology. As part of this strategy, we aim to provide a sustainable product offering to our customers and the markets in which they operate by promoting the “reduce, reuse and recycle” principle.

Our Services

Our services are designed to contribute prosperity to the environments we operate in, by enabling customers to recycle and reuse devices at the end of life, rather than using landfill and physical destruction methods. Our solutions work inside our customers’ current infrastructure.

The business has been engaged in a SustainabilitySMART project since January 2016 which is part of Horizon 2020, an EU programme for Research and Innovation, promoting sustainable growth through investments in a range of initiatives. This project contains 17 partners to help support the life cycle of mobile information and communication devices. This includes enhanced sorting capabilities, automated disassembly of mobile IT devices, push for reusable parts through enhanced availability for repair and reuse, and Blancco is actively involved in developing testing, processing and equipment concepts to promote secure reuse through data erasure.


We create an ethical working environment for our workforce. Our Code of Conduct, Anti-bribery and Corruption Policy and Whistleblowing Policy form key parts of staff induction and ongoing training.

The whistleblowing hotline is monitored by a third-party specialist call handler, compliant with the Private Security Industry Act requirements for interviewing callers. They provide a confidential and independent global service for staff to report concerns, which are escalated immediately to the CFO and Audit Committee for appropriate action.

We recognise the importance of our employees and actively promote their development. This helps the Group to achieve its objectives while at the same time allowing our staff to progress their own careers as well as giving them access to and opportunities to develop the technologies in which we specialise. We engage with our employees in a number of different ways, including frequent business communications and through an annual employee survey, allowing an open two-way communication between senior management and employees.

Employee Well-being, Health and Safety

We recognise our talented and diverse workforce as a key business asset. Their development and well-being are critically important to the continued success of our business. The Executive Directors provide regular staff briefing sessions to provide updates on business performance, strategy and developments affecting the business and to obtain feedback and suggestions on the development and growth of the business.

Blancco is committed to:

  • Recruiting and retaining high calibre employees – We seek out employees who will help to maximise business growth and performance. We operate an equal opportunities policy and regard this as a commitment to make full use of the talents and resources of all our employees.
  • Developing our staff – We are committed to providing our staff with career progression at every level, tailoring training to the requirements of roles in each business area. In addition, we assess the ongoing training needs of our staff and this is a key element to the annual appraisal process.
  • Building a diverse culture – The Group operates in a diverse range of economic and cultural environments, with a lot of cross-border communications at all levels. A key aspect of developing the success of the Group is to support an open culture and encourage the mix of cultures and business practices across the Group.
  • Providing a safe and stable working environment – We provide a working environment which meets all legislative requirements and provide all the necessary training and support for employees to operate safely within it. We do not tolerate any corrupt practices by employees at any level and encourage whistleblowing (through our formal procedure) if such practices are encountered.
  • Protecting the interests of our staff – We do not tolerate any unacceptable working practices, such as any form of discrimination, bullying or harassment.
  • Recognising performance – We provide appropriate remuneration for work carried out and equal opportunities for development and career advancement.

The following table shows the composition of the Group’s workforce at the end of the year:

  Board Senior Management Other Staff Total %
Female 0 0 80 80 33.2
Male 6 2 153 161 66.8
Total 6 2 233 241 100

We continue to offer equal opportunities to our employees and actively encourage employee progression at all levels of the organisation.

Our health and safety record continues to be good, with no RIDDOR reportable (or equivalent) incidents during the year. All our operational staff receive the appropriate level of health and safety training. Every operational site has an established structure in place to deal with health and safety matters. The Executive Directors monitor health and safety RIDDOR reportable (or local country equivalent) incidents as a key performance indicator. There have been no fatalities or reportable incidents for the previous five years.