I.T. Supply Solutions Accelerates Productivity & Efficiency for Asset Disposition at Scale | Blancco Case Study

Blancco’s secure data erasure software, tamper-proof erasure certification, and ERP software integrations have helped I.T. Supply Solutions deliver robust services, raise operational efficiency, and prepare for increased business.


With Blancco, I.T. Supply Solutions has:

  • Increased production by 25 percent, with processing time reduced by four minutes per machine
  • Implemented tamper-proof certification of data-sanitized equipment
  • Combined testing, wiping, and recording into one unified PXE boot from a server
  • Unified processing of disposed assets
  • Integrated secure erasure and asset information with its own software systems

I.T. Supply Solutions is a U.S.-based information technology asset disposition (ITAD) services provider, R2/RIOS-certified recycler, and hardware reseller. Securely erasing PCs, laptops, data storage drives, and mobile devices is an important part of the company’s business. High volume capabilities and low processing cost are critical, as is the ability to certify successful data sanitization. Blancco has helped the company advance its goals in these areas and prepare for sustained future growth.


The sanitization process at I.T. Supply Solutions required manual steps that slowed operators down, constraining how many devices they could process per shift. That dynamic reduced processing volume for the company, limiting revenue and growth potential.

Executive leadership outlined a plan to use process improvements that would transform that challenge into opportunity. The plan involved both reducing near-term operating costs and positioning the company for throughput at any scale to both support and drive increased business.


I.T. Supply Solutions built efficient, highly automated workflows for processing end-user devices during asset disposition. Secure erasure based on Blancco products is a cornerstone of these advances, enabled by Blancco professional services for installation, configuration, training, and support.

Operators use Blancco Drive Eraser to sanitize data from PCs, laptops, and loose hard disk or solid-state drives, providing a single solution for securely erasing different types of drive-based storage. The erasure component of Blancco Mobile Diagnostics & Erasure provides sanitization for phones that can stand up to forensic recovery methods, eliminating data that might linger after performing a factory reset.

Both tools enable operators to easily select among globally recognized erasure standards, meeting diverse needs across customer industries and the regulatory frameworks customers must abide by. They also automatically verify that secure erasure has reached every part of the drive, including hidden areas.

In addition, tamper-proof certificates document that all data has been destroyed beyond recoverability. I.T. Supply Solutions can therefore provide a secure audit trail to help customers prove that their technology disposal processes have met data privacy and protection regulatory requirements.

Blancco Asset Profiler, a feature of Blancco Drive Eraser, extends the scope of this asset disposition workflow. It supplies information gathering, hardware testing, and reporting on laptops and other computing devices without hard drives.

“A local company that needed to certify the secure erasure of a batch of equipment recently reached out to us because they heard we were using Blancco. It was an easy win for us, and the customer was very happy with the reporting and fast turnaround time.”

Mike Franxman, Partner, IT Supply Solutions.

All processes are delivered using a single, unified PXE server. Blancco’s ERP (enterprise resource planning) software integrations, based on a restful API (application programming interface), seamlessly track each asset throughout the erasure process, reducing human touch time and manual errors. Digital signatures prevent tampering.

I.T. Supply Solutions also has easy access to data sanitization reports needed to prove compliance with stringent client needs: Blancco Management Console stores licenses for all Blancco products and acts as a repository for the certificates of erasure it produces. A documented, tamper-proof audit trail satisfies the most rigorous customer and auditor requirements for protecting regulated and otherwise sensitive data.


Blancco secure erasure helps ensure that IT Supply Solutions meets all
compliance requirements for data protection and sustainable IT asset

For instance, one of the most prominent recycling certifications is called R2. Each provision of the R2 Standard is designed to help ensure the transparency, quality, and environmental responsibility of R2 certified electronics facilities. With Blancco capabilities fulfilling R2 requirements, I.T. Supply Solutions can confidently earn and maintain R2 certification, assuring clients that their devices are ready for safe, secure, and environmentally responsible recycling or resale—without a chance of data compromise.

Management also saw a reduction in the processing time required for each device, primarily from the automation made possible through ERP integration. Multiplying that benefit out across all the hours spent by all the company’s technicians, Rich Dunaway—a partner at I.T. Supply Solutions—reports that the company can now carry out more work with a smaller investment of resources. Those gains enhance profitability and provide scalability for future growth.

“Blancco has already enabled us to increase production by 25 percent and to cut processing time by four minutes per individual machine.”

Rich Dunaway, Partner, IT Supply Solutions LLC

About I.T. Supply Solutions

I.T. Supply Solutions is a premier U.S.-based ITAD services provider and information technology hardware reseller. I.T. Supply Solutions is are a dynamic firm focused on providing exceptional products, services and solutions based on best practices and proven and efficient processes. The company’s lean operating model allows it to be flexible and scalable to provide cost-effective solutions for businesses of all sizes. Visit their website at itsupplysolutions.com.

About Blancco

Reduce Risk. Increase Efficiency. Be Sustainable. Blancco Technology Group (AIM: BLTG) provides organizations with secure, compliant, and automated solutions that accelerate the transition to the circular economy. Each year, tens of millions of Blancco erasures allow top-tier organizations to protect end-of-life data against unauthorized access, safely redeploy data storage assets, and firmly comply with increased data protection and privacy requirements. Our precise device diagnostics help move used IT assets confidently into the circular economy, enabling enterprises, IT asset disposition (ITAD) vendors and recyclers, and mobile industry stakeholders to operate more sustainably.

Globally approved, recommended and certified by governing and industry bodies around the world, Blancco is the industry standard in data erasure and mobile lifecycle solutions. With 35+ patented or patent-pending ideas, we continue to grow the number of innovative solutions global companies can rely on to accelerate operations, secure their data, and grow their businesses. Read more about us at blancco.com.

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