Sysmex Asia Pacific Achieves Data Protection Compliance in 3 Months with Easy-to-Deploy Erasure Solutions

A subsidiary of Sysmex Corporation in Japan, Sysmex Asia Pacific Pte Ltd (Sysmex Asia Pacific) is a market-leading supplier of clinical diagnostic and health IT products and services across 10 different countries. With a pivotal role in the APAC healthcare industry, the company is required to comply with different regional data protection regulations when disposing of IT assets or otherwise sanitizing digital media before reuse.


With Blancco data erasure solutions, Sysmex Asia Pacific has:

  • Ensured sensitive data is permanently removed from enterprise workstations and servers before assets leave company premises
  • Complied with multiple regional data protection regulations regarding data sanitization
  • Shortened labor processes for disposal by 80%


To comply with secure disposal and reuse requirements across the regions it serves, Sysmex Asia Pacific needed a secure way to make sure end-of-life data storage devices were completely erased before they left the premises for redeployment or disposal. This included removing sensitive data from internal user workstations and servers from multiple locations.

The company also sought advice on complying with various regional mandates, such as the Personal Data Protection Acts in Singapore and Malaysia, the Data Privacy Act in the Philippines and other regulations in the region, as well as assistance with implementing internal best practices at each location.

Not only did the company need to implement a solution across a wide geographic area, it also needed to consider its diverse workforce: Many administrative staff were not IT specialists, but would need to ensure data sanitization within their areas of responsibility. For a solution to work, the team would need to invest time and resources into extra training or find a solution that prioritized ease of use.


The company chose several Blancco enterprise solutions because of erasure speed, the ability to erase a wide range of technologies and auditability.

Sysmex Asia Pacific selected:

  • Blancco Drive Eraser to sanitize storage HDDs and SSDs within laptops, desktops and servers
  • Blancco Removable Media Eraser for USB flash drives and other removable media
  • Blancco Management Console – Cloud for license management and erasure reports
  • SAS Cube, a portable, standalone data erasure appliance kit to process loose SAS/SATA/SSD drives

Licenses were deployed via the Blancco Management Console and HASP keys, two of several available deployment methods. These tools enabled Sysmex Asia Pacific to perform secure, on-site data erasure while confidently adhering to data privacy regulations and best practices.

Blancco’s compliance with ISO 27001 standards, its ability to erase advanced SSDs and its erasure verification and certification also meant Sysmex Asia Pacific could rest assured that all sensitive data had been overwritten—and have the audit trail to prove it. Furthermore, Blancco’s centralized report repository allowed the company to confirm compliance with various data protection mandates—both by country and across the region.

Ease of use was another a deciding factor in the company’s choice. Despite some employees lacking formal IT training, the organization was quickly able to adopt and use Blancco’s solutions. In fact, the company experienced an 80 percent reduction in time spent on data sanitization compared to degaussing and free overwriting software that the company had used before.

Throughout the entire process, Sysmex Asia Pacific also received extensive support and training. From pre-sale and procurement assistance to startup and administrative training, Blancco ensured that the company had the support it needed to successfully integrate solutions into its existing operations.


The IT team at Sysmex Asia Pacific knew that Blancco data erasure solutions would help it fulfill its data sanitization responsibilities under various APAC data protection laws. The company was also pleasantly surprised with how quickly it was able to deploy Blancco data erasure solutions across all its locations.

In addition, Sysmex Asia Pacific achieved regional compliance across all ten of the Asia-Pacific countries in which it operates within three months.

“Blancco provided easy-to-deploy and easy-to-use tools for achieving compliance and fulfilling our secure data erasure needs. Based on our experience with Blancco, we aim to consider further product [additions] to enhance our compliance capabilities both internally and commercially.”

Simon Lam, Sysmex Senior Manager of Regional IT

About Sysmex Asia Pacific

Sysmex Asia Pacific Pte Ltd is a subsidiary of Sysmex Corporation of Japan. Sysmex is a market leader in the delivery and implementation of clinical IVD and health IT products and services for clinical laboratories, hospitals and healthcare organizations. Its products and solutions continuously help improve patient clinical services and efficiency advances resulting in cost savings, which in turn translate to the delivery of better patient care.

Globally, Sysmex delivers total solutions in the field of clinical laboratory testing, including hematology, hemostasis, urinalysis, clinical chemistry, immunoassay system, flow cytometry and life science. Supplying products and services to customers in more than 190 countries, Sysmex is one of the market leaders in hematology and coagulation instrumentation worldwide.

About Blancco

Blancco is the industry standard in data erasure and mobile device diagnostics software. Our data erasure software provides thousands of organizations the tools they need to enable sustainable data sanitization processes across the widest array of IT assets. By focusing on erasing and reusing assets instead of physically destroying them, organizations can improve their security posture and address corporate social responsibility requirements, while also ensuring compliance with local and global data privacy requirements.

Blancco data erasure solutions have been tested, certified, approved and recommended by 15+ governing bodies and leading organizations around the world. No other data erasure software can boast this level of compliance with the rigorous requirements set by government agencies, legal authorities and independent testing laboratories. All Blancco erasures are verified and certified, resulting in a tamper-proof audit trail.

To see how Blancco can permanently and completely remove data on your decommissioned IT assets, visit our “Data Erasure Software for Enterprise Organizations” page.