Investor Snapshot

Blancco provides organisations with secure, compliant, and automated solutions that accelerate the transition to the circular economy.

Supported by strong environmental and regulatory tailwinds, and with nearly 25 years of responding to customer needs and proprietary technology through over 40 patents filed or granted, Blancco is well positioned to move to the next phase of its growth as the industry standard in data erasure and mobile lifecycle solutions

Markets & Strategy

A strong position in three key markets:


Our Proposition:

Enabling organisations to meet Data privacy requirements while allowing them to manage IT assets in an environmentally sustainable manner.

The Market:

Gartner is reporting that 75% of the world’s population will have its personal data covered by modern privacy regulations by the end of 2023 (up from 25% at the end of 2021). At the same time, organisations are under increasing ESG pressures from stakeholders to reduce their carbon footprint and wastage.

Our Strategy:

Expand indirect sales through relationships with OEM and Channel partners to access a large, high-growth market with little competition. Complemented by investment in R&D to develop leading solutions for a sophisticated client base.


Our Proposition:

A time-efficient and cost-effective way for mobile carriers, retail and third party logistics providers to ensure devices are fault-free and all data has been erased before entering the 2nd hand market. Blancco’s trade-in technology also allows retailers and insurers to test for faults before offering trade in deals and insurance.

The Market:

In January 2021, IDC released a report projecting that sales of used smartphones would increase from 225.4 million in 2020 to 351.6 million in 2024, a compound growth rate of 11.7%.

Our Strategy:

Continue to innovate to reinforce leadership position in the Mobile Asset Lifecycle space by providing a broad range of software-based processing solutions that process used handsets in the most efficient manner, whilst providing workflow software to ensure consistent treatment of handsets by customer operatives.


Our Proposition:

A market leader in the treatment of IT hardware where equipment is either being reused, resold, recycled or disposed of.

The Market:

ITAD customers tend to be smaller companies than seen in Enterprise but who are also conscious of being more sustainable and ensuring data stored is secure.

Our Strategy:

The post pandemic shift to flexible working is leading to a reconfiguration of office space and away from desktop PC equipment which is leading to increased demand for data sanitisation. Stakeholder pressures on organisations to improve their position on sustainability should lead to data erasure becoming a preferred alternative to the physical destruction of assets.

52.8 Million

devices securely erased in FY22

2000 +



patents filed or granted


certifications and regulatory bodies


Strong momentum driving profit growth


£39.8m +8.6%

2021: £36.5m

Group Operating Profit / (Loss)

£1.9m +5%

2021: £1.8m

Group Adjusted Operating Profit

£6.5m +20%

2021: £5.3m

Earnings per share (pence)

2.71 +38%

2021: 1.84p

Net Cash

£6.2m -48%

2021: £10.1m

Adjusted Operating Cash Flow


2021: £10.8m

Management team

Led by an experienced, well-qualified team

Matt Jones Chief Executive Officer

Matt Jones Chief Executive Officer

  • Joined Board as CEO in March 2018
  • Significant track record of developing and overseeing execution and growth strategies for companies in security, storage and communications
  • Most recently CEO of E8 Security, pioneer in behavioural cybersecurity based in the USA (acquired by VMware)
  • Held senior positions at CloudShield Technologies, Allocity, Excite@Home, Sprint and AT&T

Adam Moloney Chief Financial Officer

Adam Moloney Chief Financial Officer

  • Joined Board as CFO in July 2018
  • Previously CFO at AIM quoted Eckoh plc, a leading provider of customer service and secure payment technology solutions
  • Managed negotiation and integration of various significant acquisitions in the UK and US as well as opening US subsidiary

Why Blancco?

01 Unique Solutions

Data erasure solutions meet 22 standards, along with 14 global certificates, approvals and recommendations

Constantly developing and improving our solutions by developing new IP through R&D and collaborative partnerships

02 Strong Financials

Solid cash position

Balance sheet provides stability and opportunity for investment

Significant revenue and profit growth year-on-year

03 Growing Markets

Increasing levels of regulation under data protection and sustainability are resulting in increasing levels of penalties for breaches (ie $1.2 billion under GDPR in 2021) is leading to demand for data erasure solutions

Growing use of mobiles and second-hand mobile market, requiring data erasure and sanitisation solutions

04 Targeted Growth Strategy

Strategy is focused on markets that have a growing need for Blancco’s solutions

Strategy ensures Blancco will have leading positions in these markets

05 A Sustainable Business Model

Blancco’s solutions enable the reuse and recycling of IT assets while protecting sensitive data. The assets would otherwise be destroyed and sent to landfill

Blancco has been awarded the LSE Green Economy Award in recognition of data sanitisation being an environmentally friendly method of managing data, as opposed to the physical destruction of assets

06 Geographical Reach

Blancco is truly a global operation with offices in 15 countries and revenue being generated in over 70. This enables growth to continue through periods of economic pressure as seen in the ongoing pandemic period where the impact is varied in different regions at different times

07 Brand And Reputation

Blancco’s solutions are seen as the standard in our industry

Our Mission

To deliver the highest quality technology and efficient data management processes by leveraging our global expertise in data and asset lifecycle solutions.

Our Vision

To enable customers to responsibly manager their data by erasing concerns for organisations worldwide.