Data Erasure Insights for ITADs

Sometimes, physically destroying IT assets isn’t enough. To ensure complete data sanitization, you need to use software-based overwriting to remove sensitive data from your customers’ IT assets prior to destruction. You’ll guarantee compliance with the most rigorous data privacy and protection standards and receive a Certificate of Erasure with each erasure instance to prove to customers you’ve done so.

Use the following resources for updates and insights about data erasure and its role in the ITAD industry.

FAQs for ITADs: Blancco Data Erasure Solutions

Best Practice

The pressure on ITADs and recyclers to safeguard sensitive data continues to increase. Learn how Blancco’s data erasure software can help your organization guarantee compliance, increase efficiency and decrease costs.

How to Securely Erase Different SSDs

White Paper

Flash-based memories, like solid state drives (SSDs), are more difficult to completely and permanently erase than magnetic hard disk drives (HDDs), posing a challenge for many organizations. Learn how to sanitize them properly.

Managing and Automating Data Erasure for Mobile Devices

White Paper

Why should your organization be concerned about automating the data erasure process for mobile phones and tablets?

How Blancco Helps Mobile Resellers & Recyclers Achieve Compliance with the R2 Standard

Solution Brief

Mobile resellers and recyclers must comply with several standards and certifications before reselling, remarketing or recycling their devices.

asset management ireland data erasure case study

Case Study

Founded in 2001, Asset Management Ireland Ltd. is Ireland’s premier ITAD (IT Asset Disposition) and recycling organization.

infotheek data erasure case study

Case Study

With over 8,000 customers across 12 countries and revenues topping €300 million, Infotheek is one of the largest European IT suppliers for IT hardware, software and services.

Data Sanitization in the Modern Age: DoD or NIST?

Best Practice

Any organization that handles sensitive customer information has a legal duty to dispose of said information fully and irretrievably when it is no longer in use or required for regulatory purposes.

physical destruction vs. secure data erasure

Best Practice

HDDs and SSDs contain sensitive data that needs to be removed before resale or recycling. And while physical destruction is often an effective method of data sanitization, it doesn’t allow devices to be reused or resold. Learn why it’s important to combine both software-based data erasure and physical destruction.

3 gdpr building blocks: ready, set, compliance


With the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) going into effect at the end of May this year, organizations are rushing to understand what they need to comply (and prove that compliance).

3 step it data erasure case study

Case Study

The advancement of technology is mesmerising, and it only seems to be speeding up. Businesses that fail to adopt new technologies risk getting left behind.

SIMS recycling solutions data erasure case study

Case Study

With 80 locations spanning across five continents, SIMS Recycling Solutions provides IT and electronics recovery, reuse and recycling services to OEMs and CEMs, compliance scheme operators, businesses and government agencies throughout the UK.



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