Data Erasure Insights for ITADs

Sometimes, physically destroying IT assets isn’t enough. Sometimes, it’s not needed at all.

For complete data destruction on used devices and drives, use verified and certified software-based overwriting from Blancco. Blancco’s data erasure solutions remove sensitive data permanently from your customers’ HDDs and SSDs, PCs, servers, mobile devices and other data storage devices—guaranteeing compliance with the most rigorous data privacy and protection standards.

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Data center network router and switch


Enterprise network devices require sanitization at end-of-life just like other data storage devices. Here’s why—and how automation can help.



Blancco Drive Eraser enables IT asset disposition (ITAD) service providers to safely decommission storage media without traveling to customer sites. This approach helps ITADs cost-effectively enhance enterprise data security for their customers while also protecting the health of staff during the current public health crisis.

Report E-Waste

Research Study

Thanks to a pandemic-led surge of remote work, organizations are shifting gears to protect data on employee devices distributed outside the traditional office environment. At decommissioning, enterprises must continue to enforce data security—while minimizing their contribution to e-waste.

F1 race car. Intelligent Business Routing accelerates ITAD business processes through easily customized automations for streamlined operations.


Based on customizable workflows and seamless integration with a broad range of industry applications, Intelligent Business Routing (IBR) minimizes manual procedures for tracking, grading, erasing, reimaging and reporting on assets entering the recovery and resale market.

Green IT, Computing, CSR


The World Economic Forum predicts the amount of e-waste will more than double by 2050 to 120 million metric tons annually. Organizations that use environmentally friendly IT disposal practices now can greatly affect whether e-waste helps or harms the environment—and whether or not they will reap the benefits.

ITAD Data Erasure Efficiency Health Check

Best Practice

To make sure your current data erasure solution meets current customer needs, maximizes your ITAD’s productivity and minimizes your labor costs, download your free copy of our one-page data erasure “health check” resource.

Data Sanitization in the Modern Age: DoD or NIST?

Best Practice

Any organization that handles sensitive customer information has a legal duty to dispose of said information fully and irretrievably when it is no longer in use or required for regulatory purposes.

ADISA logo


In this YouTube recording, Fredrik Forslund, Vice President for Cloud and Data Center Erasure at Blancco, and Steve Mellings, CEO and founder of ADISA, discuss global trends in IT Asset Disposal (ITAD) and the exciting opportunities available in this growing industry.

How to Securely Erase Different SSDs

White Paper

Flash-based memories, like solid state drives (SSDs), are more difficult to completely and permanently erase than magnetic hard disk drives (HDDs), posing a challenge for many organizations. Learn how to sanitize them properly.

How Blancco Helps Mobile Resellers & Recyclers Achieve Compliance with the R2 Standard

Solution Brief

Mobile resellers and recyclers must comply with several standards and certifications before reselling, remarketing or recycling their devices.

Two-Way Communication


Watch this video to learn what is Blancco Two-Way Communication, how Blancco Two-Way Communication works and the benefits of Blancco Two-Way Communication.

Blancco IBR Solution

Solution Brief

Highly versatile yet easy-to-use, IBR allows ITAD operators to streamline workflows, automate manual processes, eliminate downtime and integrate with the broad variety of ITAD systems used when processing devices for recycling or resale.

Blancco ITAD Solutions


Blancco provides 20+ years of experience in the IT Asset Disposition industry. Our global presence, comprehensive product portfolio and world-class support allow us to offer more than just erasure licenses.

Blancco Bytes: Intelligent Business Routing (IBR) Webinar Series

On-Demand Webinar

These three 30-minute webinars demonstrate how IBR workflows provide intelligent erasure fallback, speed up cut-line decision making and trigger diagnostics tests that get you more value out of each device.

Network Routers

New Product

Using patent-pending technology, Blancco Network Device Eraser permanently removes sensitive information from network switches and routers—including network configurations, IP addresses, cached files, user credentials and user data—accelerating what was once a heavily manual and device-specific factory reset process.

Hard Disk Drives

Best Practice

When it comes time for your ITAD customers to decommission their hard disk drives, what does it take to make sure those assets are completely free of sensitive information?

CSR Infographic

Best Practice

Enterprise e-waste often ends up improperly discarded, putting companies at risk for data leaks. See how secure asset reuse benefits businesses and the environment.

FAQs for ITADs: Blancco Data Erasure Solutions

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The pressure on ITADs and recyclers to safeguard sensitive data continues to increase. Learn how Blancco’s data erasure software can help your organization guarantee compliance, increase efficiency and decrease costs.

HDD on table - Blancco Drive Eraser


This drive sanitization software offers the widest support for new security features and drive types and is backed by our dedicated, in-house research and development team. Find out what sets Blancco Drive Eraser apart from its competitors.

Need to Erase Mac T2 Devices? Blancco Has You Covered


Apple’s T2 chip disallows most data erasure software on newer Mac laptops and desktops. To date, Blancco is the only vendor able to erase Mac T2 devices, including the latest Mac mini, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and iMac Pro.

Standards and Certifications


Each is important to consider when choosing data erasure software. But is there really a difference between them, and does it even matter?

Data Sanitization Enters 'Slope of Enlightenment' on Gartner Hype Cycle


Get the most recent Gartner Hype Cycle data sanitization definition—plus our summary of Gartner analysts’ recommendations in three 2019 Hype Cycle reports.


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Erase 100% of private mobile data to increase resale value. Up to 80+ devices at once.

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