Blancco Global System Integrator Program

Leverage Blancco technologies to help solve business-critical data and IT asset management issues. Create highly scalable, customized solutions that allow customers to automate, manage and securely erase data onsite and within cloud environments with confidence.

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Services and support 

We leverage ISO 9001 methodology to help you launch certified and auditable data erasure solutions.

Certification and training

Our technical and sales experts provide training to strengthen our partners’ data erasure knowledge and capabilities.

Sales & marketing

We provide the tools to help drive awareness and consideration.

Gain access to proven solutions and technology 


Servicenow Integration

Blancco has integrated its market- leading erasure software, Blancco Secure Data Erasure, with ServiceNow, simplifying and strengthening your IT asset management processes. This integration helps increase your organization’s efficiency and accountability while simultaneously reducing your costs. Blancco Secure Data Erasure can help you achieve this by improving deployment, erasure control, reporting and auditing.

AWS Marketplace

AWS Amazon Web Services

AWS Marketplace

With Blancco’s secure data erasure suite available via the AWS Marketplace, AWS Partners can incorporate a value-add solution into their data security portfolios that speeds up the AWS migration process, enhances end-of-life data management and provides a verifiable audit trail to comply with data protection regulations and standards, including PCI DSS, HIPAA, GBLA, GDPR, ISO 27001, NIST 800-53 and NIST 800-88.

“ServiceNow is one of the best companies in terms of allowing horizontal alignment, like AWS. For our GSI and MSP partners, the ServiceNow workflows will also make more of a seamless go-to-market where we can be integrated within the bill of materials that extends well beyond data erasure.”

Anders Klemmer, Vice President, Business Development at Blancco

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