What is the Service Provider Program?

With the rapid transition from traditional IT infrastructure to virtualized and remotely managed systems, Blancco addresses the key need for ensuring that data is certifiably erased at both asset end-of-life and at data end-of-life in active environments. In doing so, organizations can achieve data sanitization and prove compliance with auditors.

Blancco provides our partners with business, technical, marketing and go-to-market support so you can expand your service offering to provide both Device-as-a-Service and Erasure-as-a-Service solutions. This gives you the opportunity to add an additional revenue stream in an already security-conscious market, creating even more stickiness and trust with your customers.

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Why Partner with Blancco?


We chose Blancco for its industry leading erasure solutions and world-class partner offering. In a world where corporations are increasingly being subjected to stringent data protection regulations, Blancco solutions represent the missing link our partners needed to close the gap in their data lifecycle management offerings.

- Dan Waters, Director of Solutions at Arrow ECS

Erasure-as-a-Service Solutions for your Customers

In the Data Center

If you’re a managed service provider that provides data center services to clients, Blancco can help you guarantee data sanitization across servers, VMs, loose drives and other data center storage solutions. Blancco’s data erasure solutions can be used by tier one through tier four data centers in the following situations:

  • Decommissioning servers in-rack
  • Decommissioning full server arrays
  • Technology upgrade projects
  • Data center moves
  • Avoiding NRD (Non-Return-Disk) fees, in case of break-fix disk replacement
  • Data migration projects

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In the Enterprise

If you’re providing desktop support in the enterprise, Blancco’s Erasure-as-a-Service (EaaS) solution can standardize the data sanitization process across your client’s infrastructure to increase efficiency, mitigate risk, meet compliance requirements and reduce TCO when it comes time to reallocate, resell or recycle.

eaas service provider graphic

We provide EaaS solutions for Service Providers that support enterprise desktop such as:

  • Standard MSPs that both offer Cloud and maintain Enterprises internal infrastructures
  • MSPs that support Cloud Management Systems where desktop data is maintained
  • System integrators

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Become a Partner

A World-Class Partner Program

All contracted Blancco partners have access to the following program benefits.

Certification & Training

  • Ongoing Sales Training
  • Technical Pre-& Post-Sales Trainings
  • Erasure-as-a-Service Certification

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Technical Resources & Support

  • Strategy Consulting
  • Implementation Assurance
  • System Integration & Product Development
  • Technical Online Resources & Assistance

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Marketing & Sales Enablement

Blancco provides a state-of-the-art partner community to help partners generate leads and grow revenue, through co-branded sales and marketing material, pre-packaged campaigns, integrated social media, website syndication and much more!

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