Blancco mobile device erasure software allows organizations, mobile service providers and resellers to permanently erase all data from smartphones and tablets running on iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry operating systems. Blancco is the most comprehensive and trusted data erasure solution on the market, ensuring sensitive data is not exposed after mobile devices are disposed of, recycled, traded in or resold.

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Key Benefits of Blancco’s Mobile Data Erasure Software:

  • Securely erases iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry operating systems
  • Quickly erases data on up to 40+ mobile devices simultaneously
  • Automatically selects the fastest and most effective data erasure method
  • Provides digitally signed certificate of proof of data erasure for audit trail purposes
  • Compliant with state, federal and international data privacy regulations and guidelines, including ISO 27001 and ISO 27040

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Erase 100% of private mobile data to increase resale value. Up to 80+ devices at once.

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Blancco Mobile Device Eraser Overview


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The Most Comprehensive Method to Erase iPhones and Mobile Devices

Whether mobile devices are running iOS and Android operating systems, your organization can erase mobile data from up to 40+ devices simultaneously to optimize the disposal, reuse or reselling of mobile devices with absolute peace of mind.

Securely Erase External SD Cards

Many mobile devices have external SD cards holding a sensitive data. Blancco has the capability to erase external media for complete data erasure within a mobile device. Contact us for details.

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Key Features

Erase to 13 Different Standards

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Supports iOS and Android Operating Systems

Flexibility to Erase Up to 40+ Devices Simultaneously

100% Certified, Tamper-Proof Reporting

Blancco Mobile Device Eraser Technical Specifications

  • Up to 32 tests for iOS and 39 tests for Android, including call back
  • Automatic and user-assisted tests
  • Test duration from 30 sec. to 3 minutes, depending on number of tests deployed
  • Enable or disable customized tests for specific devices and operating systems
  • Remotely access performance data for reliable diagnosis
  • 40+ devices simultaneously
  • iOS-specific capabilities include Crypto Erase, storage overwriting, firmware reinstall, automated passcode bypass, automatic iOS Activation and iOS Revive
  • Android-specific capabilities include Factory Reset & Report and Android Smart Reset
  • Configurable process allows for automatic start when target device is connected or for manual confirmation prior to start
  • Configurable “Minimum Battery Level” settings for all target devices to ensure successful completion
  • Failed target devices can be retried without consuming additional licenses
  • User Interface supports custom views, sorting and USB port naming
  • Full transparency of eraser process ensures a seamless audit trail
  • Comprehensive reports include details such as target device name and model, IMEI code and storage capacity
  • Unlimited custom fields to suit internal / external audit or certification needs
  • Blancco Management Console enables report viewing and automated sharing
  • Automated report backup in case of power outage or other unexpected local issue
  • Built on Linux kernel
  • Bootable via CD/DVD, USB or PXE
  • Installable to host system hard drive for permanent installation
  • Automatic update from network
  • Independent of host system OS
  • Process 80+ target devices simultaneously
  • iOS Activation Lock (Find My iPhone) detection
  • Live call test integration
  • Efficient iOS firmware distribution via local network from central repository
  • Detailed statistics directly visible in the UI (e.g., success rate, top 5 processed models, volume handling per hour and percentage rates of processed operating systems)
  • Label printing available, with fully customizable print layouts
  • Admin mode for managing user rights
  • Access to customer portal including knowledge base
  • Product updates/upgrades
  • iOS (all versions)
  • Android (from 2.0 onwards)
  • Windows Phone (from 7.0 onwards)
  • BlackBerry (5.x, 6.x and 7.x)
  • Language support for English, German, Italian, French, Chinese, Japanese and Korean*

*Please ask your Blancco sales representative for details.

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Get your FREE Mobile Device Eraser Strategy Session & Trial

Erase 100% of private mobile data to increase resale value. Up to 80+ devices at once.

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