Blancco Mobile Diagnostics enables mobile network operators/carriers, device manufacturers, retailers, customer service centers, insurers and resellers to quickly and accurately find the source of device issues and resolve them. Whether you need a kiosk solution, web-based solution or on-device application, we can provide the right mobile diagnostics package to accommodate your needs. By identifying the cause of mobile device issues, your customers can optimize device performance, reduce the likelihood of NTF returns and recoup the costs associated with customer service complaints and repairs.

With our advanced business intelligence dashboard, your organization can use real-time data and analytics to improve the overall customer care process, minimize costs and increase customer satisfaction.

Key Benefits of Blancco Mobile Diagnostics Software:

  • Perform up to 52 automated diagnostics tests on devices across iOS and Android operating systems
  • Identify and resolve device performance issues quickly and accurately (i.e. battery drain, crashing apps, SD cards, etc.)
  • Optimize the customer care experience across all touchpoints – from online to call centers to in-store
  • Leverage real-time data and analytics to optimize the overall diagnostics process, reduce processing times and save on operational costs. Reduce likelihood of unwarranted device returns Reduce the quantity of NTF (No Trouble Found) returns by up to 60%.
  • Maximize the resale value of second-hand devices

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Blancco Mobile Device Diagnostics:

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retail solution kiosk

Retail Solution

Our retail mobile diagnostics solution is a kiosk-powered device that helps your retail customer service and support staff educate customers on how their mobile devices function and what steps they can take to speed up performance and/or solve recurring issues. Our self-service diagnostics solution lets your customers quickly identify device issues and complements your in-store customer service experience. Give your customer service representatives the right tools to make the customer service experience as fast, effortless and reliable as possible for their customers.

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repair solution web portal

Repair Solution

Our Repair Solution is ideal for warehouse operations. Using a web-based portal, employees can easily diagnosis up to four mobile devices to understand the quality of the device before moving the device into the next phase of the operational process.

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remote support solution app

Remote Support Solution

Give your customers the ease and convenience of using our on-device diagnostics app to pinpoint the source of device issues themselves before asking for your help. Our easy-to-use diagnostics application will make your customers feel empowered, while also reducing the amount of time and costs spent by your organization to resolve device issues.

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Key Features

52 Automated Diagnostic Tests

ios icon android icon

Supports iOS and Android Operating Systems

Leverage Real-Time Data Via Business Intelligence Dashboard

Remotely Access Performance Data for Reliable Diagnosis

Blancco Mobile Diagnostics Technical Specifications

  • Retail Solution: Kiosk-based tablet for self-help or assisted diagnosis to avoid No Trouble Found (NTF) returns and improved customer satisfaction.
  • Repair Solution: Fully-automated web portal for triage & quality control tool delivering 100% objective testing. Up to 10 units to 1 operator test ratio. Stored reports provide full audit trail
  • Remote Support: Mobile device application, pre-loaded or pushed to device. Delivers full diagnostics testing.
  • 52 automatic and user-assisted tests tailored for both Android and iOS
  • Test duration from 30 sec. to 5 min. depending on number of tests deployed
  • Enable or disable customized tests for specific devices and operating systems
  • Comprehensive reports include details, such as device name and model, IMEI code, and storage capacity
  • Reports can be exported as PDF, XML and CSV
  • Extra fields (such as customer name and asset ID) can be added to reports
  • Reports easily upload to Blancco Management Console
  • User-friendly report browsing and filtering features
  • Comprehensive statistics available
  • Simple report distribution options
  • Full transparency of both diagnostics and erasure processes ensures a gapless audit trail

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