How to Securely Channel Your Charitable Spirit with Data Erasure

Nov 30, 2022 Blog Article

While many enterprises still use data destruction methods such as shredding and grinding, there’s a better way. With the proper tools in place, enterprises can remove all data from no-longer-needed technology devices at end of life, saving them for secure reuse, often by recipients who desperately need them.

Farah Mithani A tech-focused writer and editor, Farah covered topics related to cloud security, software, and hardware while working at a Fortune 500 company. She then joined Blancco as content marketing specialist. In that role, she authored data management, data erasure, and IT asset lifecycle content while supporting Blancco’s social media and email channels.

We must move away from data destruction and rethink data disposal methods

The Financial Times recently published an article detailing how many big tech companies “shred tens of millions of data-storing units every year.” Yet, shredding processes can harbor chain-of-custody and implementation risks, leading to data vulnerabilities. The process of physically destroying old drives and computers also contributes to growing amounts of e-waste.

Instead of destroying millions of data storage devices once they reach end of life, these devices can be securely erased, forever removing all data.  Enterprises can then safely donate technology to schools or organizations in need—without worrying about their data ever getting into the wrong hands or prematurely contributing to landfill.

The intricacies of recycling vs. reuse

In our 2020 research study, The Rising Tide of E-Waste, we found that 35 percent of enterprises used physical destruction to sanitize end-of-life technology devices because IT leaders believed it was less risky and better for the environment. Of these, 46 percent thought the resulting components could be recycled or reused.

Yet only 20 percent of the 50 million tonnes of e-waste we produce each year is formally recycled. It’s also increasingly difficult to harvest components properly. So while it’s positive to see enterprise leaders wanting used hardware to be broken down to be recycled, physical destruction and recycling still produce unnecessary waste even though many devices are still functional.

Reuse is the way forward.

Ensure secure data sanitization with data erasure

Because all data is verifiably removed from across the device, data erasure streamlines device readiness for the circular economy without fear of sensitive data being extracted. It allows enterprises to guard against data vulnerabilities and comply with numerous data protection regulations. This, in turn, gives enterprises new-found freedom to donate goods for a good cause and often, benefit financially from tax incentives through their donations. 

Your enterprise’s used technology has the power to transform communities around the world.

How enterprises can give back

Because data erasure ensures that no data remains on technology devices, enterprises can safely donate their used enterprise computers and devices to the charities that can put them to good use. There are many worthwhile charities or causes that can use laptops or PCs no longer needed by enterprises.

Leveraging data erasure not only prevents massive amounts of e-waste and environmental devastation, it also provides an opportunity to help underserved communities.

Charitable giving: finding the right fit

When looking for the right organization to work with, it’s important to consider if the organization can use your enterprise’s end-of-life technology, if the organization’s purpose and operations work synergistically with your corporate goals, and if both you and the organization place the same level of importance on data security and sustainability.

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How Blancco supports charities

We are proud to support worthwhile organizations as we work toward allowing for end-of-life technology devices to be securely erased and reused within underserved communities.

Blancco software licenses and skills training have allowed organizations to provide thousands of fully functional, data-free, enterprise-donated computers to disadvantaged populations on four continents. Here’s how:

Donating your enterprise computers

Your enterprise’s used technology has the power to transform communities around the world. Contact any of these organizations to donate devices in a secure, sustainable way.

And, if you’re wanting to donate your used enterprise computers to a different charitable group, make sure that organization uses a secure data erasure solution, such as Blancco’s, that maintains the functionality of the device while removing all data. This step should be verified and then confirmed with a tamper-proof certificate of erasure.

Confidently donate your used enterprise computers.

Do good while protecting your data and ensuring regulatory compliance.
See how with a free data erasure trial.

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