Welcome to the New Blancco Website

Aug 12, 2021 Blog Article

Today, we unveil what’s been months in the making: a new website better equipped to support your data protection, efficiency, and sustainability goals—all with a refreshed “look and feel.”

Alan Bentley Blancco President of Global Sales and Marketing Alan Bentley joined the company in October 2016 as vice president of sales, EMEA, assuming his current role in 2017. Often featured in industry publications, Alan has also spoken at conferences around the world, including Infosec UK, Gitex Dubai, Govware Singapore, and MWC.

Our New Blancco Website:
More searchable. more solutions focused. more human.

We’re glad you’re here. Whether you’re one of our many long-time customers or checking us out for the first time, I’m thrilled to roll out a “virtual red carpet” for our new Blancco presence.

And here’s why: as industry leaders in data erasure and mobile solutions, we have a diverse set of offerings created to serve global businesses across a myriad of industries and multiple languages. We want to save you time, more clearly explain what we do, and give you a better opportunity to know who we are and how to connect with us.

So here’s what you’ll find:

Easier navigation & searchability

A more detailed web menu, interactive sliders, prominent search filters, and scannable pages make finding what you need easier and more enjoyable.

Clearly stated business benefits & product features

Reduce Risk. Increase Efficiency. Be Sustainable.” Whether you’re migrating data to the cloud, erasing IT assets for resale, offering mobile insurance, or otherwise using our solutions, our goal is to have you feeling more secure and more confident in your business because of your relationship with us.

Our three-point theme guides much of what you’ll find here:

A more welcome atmosphere

The digital landscape can seem cold and remote to some, but every day, our teams come to work aware that we play a pivotal role in protecting personal privacy, providing data protection for top tier organizations (including Fortune 500 businesses), and environmental sustainability. Our people are passionate about innovation, excellence, and service, and we needed our site to reflect these values to those who form the foundation of our growth:

We’ve also worked on aligning key website sections among five languages: English, French, German, Japanese, and Korean.

Tell us what you think

So, look around and explore our new web home. Share helpful content with others on your team or in your network. Use our Contact Us page to send us feedback. And, as always, let us know what could be more helpful as you do business with us.