Wiping Different Operating Systems

Jan 13, 2020 Blog Article

No matter which operating systems you use in your business, using data erasure software is arguably the best way to ensure your valuable information cannot be restored or reconstructed—but which data destruction method is best for the OS you are using?

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Wiping different operating systems

Any data erasure software can perform a basic overwrite of data, but using a solution that meets the rigorous data sanitization standards of government agencies and international protocols will make your data irretrievable.

Blancco secure data erasure software completely removes data on an enterprise scale—and that includes handling the various operating systems that may be found throughout your infrastructure.

Certified data erasure software for all types of operating systems

There are both hardware and software considerations when you choose a data sanitization methods for your business. Many large businesses are still using physical data destruction as a costly way to achieve data sanitization, but using a certified, software-based data destruction program is more cost-effective.

Blancco Drive Eraser  is compatible with these common computer operating systems:

Other data erasure products within our solutions suite also cover many of the operating systems in use by enterprises today.

In addition, our flagship mobile software, Blancco Mobile Diagnostic & Erasure, deftly handles all common smartphone and tablet operating systems, including Android and iOS.

Data security with secure remote access

Secure solutions are available at any scale to achieve regulatory compliance in almost any industry. Blancco data erasure software supports:

Which process meets your data erasure needs?

Sometimes the entire operating system and all data need to be removed, but there are many levels of data security and data erasure that can be achieved with certified, verifiable data destruction software. Some of these include:

Choosing the best data erasure software for your operating system

Even if your organization or enterprise uses a combination of operating systems or stand-alone networks, there is data erasure software available to ensure you meet regulatory requirements and internal security protocols each time, every time.

Content lightly edited on 12/15/2022 to include up-to-date operating system information.

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