6 Steps to Eliminating ROT Data

How to trade redundant, obsolete, or trivial (ROT) data for increased security, compliance, and efficiency.

Left unchecked, excess business data breeds needless storage costs, compliance concerns, and data security risks.

What is ROT?

ROT data exists throughout your infrastructure: within desktops, mobile devices, data centers, and cloud servers. It includes:

Why get rid of it?

It’s been reported that more than a third of business data can be ROT data—data that’s retained, but useless. Far from harmless, this glut slows operations while inflating cost and security needs. It also works against today’s data minimization requirements and efficiency goals.

So what are best practices for eliminating ROT data?

Best practices for eliminating ROT data

Our two-page document, “Trading Data ROT for Increased Security, Compliance & Efficiency,” outlines:

Minimize your data load.

Improve your security and compliance standing.

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