[Infographic] Why the right software matters for mobile device processing

Apr 25, 2023 Best Practice

Processing mobile devices for resale, repair, and recycling can be easier, faster, and less costly.

Increasing competition, supply chain disruptions, and higher labor costs are all putting pressure on mobile device processors.

The result?

Shrinking profit margins when processing smartphones and tablets—and working harder for less.

But what if you could

  • Reduce your mobile device cost per unit (CPU)?
  • Shrink your labor costs?
  • Have more confidence in your device diagnostic testing?
  • Get smartphones and tablets to market more quickly?
  • Facilitate faster repairs and recycling—and increase customer satisfaction?

Blancco mobile customers experience all of that.

To see how much of an improvement is possible, consider the data.

Download our infographic to see why rethinking your approach to mobile device processing—and the software you use—can make a huge difference. Not just in lowering costs for processing mobile devices—but increasing overall business success.

Rethink your mobile processing operation! View the infographic and see the difference Blancco can make!

Download Infographic