[Guide] Erasing a Hard Disk Drive: How Many Times Must ITADs Overwrite HDDs for Complete Data Sanitization?

It may be fewer than you think.

How many passes does it take to erase a hard drive?

Hard disk drives, or HDDs, can retain data on magnetic platters for years. So, when it comes time for your ITAD customers to decommission their drives and devices, what does it take to make sure those assets are completely free of sensitive information?

Some ITAD customers take a “more is better” approach when erasing a hard drive. Yet multiple overwrites come with a cost: They take more time, tie up resources, and slow down ITAD operations. Extra overwriting passes also mean customers pay for processing they don’t really need.

Reassure your customers with our best practice on HDD data erasure.

This free PDF download for ITADs:

As a bonus, there’s information on the challenges of erasing solid-state drives (SSDs)—and how to overcome them. Additionally, you can read about our ADISA SSD certification.

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