How Blancco Helps Mobile Resellers & Recyclers Achieve Compliance with the R2 Standard

Mobile resellers and recyclers must comply with several standards and certifications before reselling, remarketing or recycling their devices. Following these rules helps mobile organizations ensure that they are protected from potential data remanence that could expose sensitive information. One of the most prominent certifications is called R2. The latest version of the Standard is the R2:2013.

Each provision of the R2 Standard is designed to help ensure the transparency, quality, social and environmental responsibility of R2 Certified electronics facilities such as mobile resellers and recyclers. R2:2013 was developed through a transparent multi-stakeholder process, consistent with ANSI essential requirements. R2 undergoes consistent review to advance the requirements in-line with the needs of the industry.

Blancco Mobile Diagnostics & Erasure solutions supply mobile resellers around the globe a certified process so that they can meet (and even exceed) the R2 standard for device testing and data sanitization.

Blancco solutions exceed the requirements presented in the Standard, with verification and certification of each data erasure. This ensures that data does not remain on mobile devices following processing and prior to moving into the secondary market via reverse/forward logistics.

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