[VIDEO] Are your organization’s security policies putting you at risk?

Oct 10, 2019 Video

Do your organization’s security policies follow data sanitization best practices? If not, your sensitive data may be putting you at risk.Watch the video to learn:


How confident are you that your organization’s data security policies are tough enough to avoid putting your company at risk?

If you’re currently using old-school data sanitization methods such as physical destruction, you may be safe – for now. But what happens when there’s a break in your crucial chain of custody? Leaving potentially sensitive data on assets while they’re transported to a secure facility isn’t only bad practice; it inherently comes with the risk of human error, which could put your business in the hot seat if that data is leaked.

In fact, according to Gartner, by 2020, the backup and archiving of personal data will represent the largest area of privacy risk for 70% of organizations, up from 10 percent in 2018.

With privacy concerns on the rise, organizations everywhere are editing their security policies to withstand the deluge of concerns around a chain of custody and data management. Such policies must address complete and permanent sanitization when data reaches end-of-life. Blancco’s data erasure software solutions help support data sanitization best practices by ensuring data is permanently removed from IT assets when they reach end-of-life, or when data itself reaches the end of its usefulness in live environments.

Data erasure is critical at key points throughout the data lifecycle, including employee onboarding and departure, cloud exit and data migration. Blancco offers the widest support for data erasure across the most IT assets, including drives, servers, laptops, mobile devices, removable media, Virtual Machines, files and folders and LUNs – both at asset end-of-life and if you want to continue to use the asset. Once data is erased and verified, a certificate of erasure is sent to the Blancco Management Console or Cloud for tracking, management certification and auditing purposes to help organizations meet and exceed compliance with all local, national and global data sanitization requirements.

Blancco solutions, including the Management Console offer easy integration with existing company asset management or warehouse solutions, as well as, IT service management platforms and other systems to make data erasure a seamless operation for your organization – meaning you don’t have to sacrifice efficiency for the sake of increased security and compliance.

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