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Mar 14, 2018 Video

In this video, you’ll learn:

Watch the video for a quick overview of Blancco’s data erasure solutions, including how they can help you meet compliance with global regulations and erase data across a variety of IT assets.


As global government regulations continue to expand and evolve, reactive ways of managing compliance can be costly, complex and expose your organization to regulatory and reputational risk. With more devices accessing your network, and cyber attacks on the rise, using certified methods to sanitize your data as it moves beyond the physical level into logical and virtual environments is critical to reduce your attack surface area.

Blancco provides the only solution that can erase data in both active and inactive environments, and across a variety of IT assets, from mobile phones to large, virtualized data centers, and provide proof that it’s been done correctly. From our Management Console, you can easily manage users, launch simultaneous erasures, customize reports, automate workflows and easily integrate data erasure into your existing infrastructure.

As the most trusted data erasure provider for over 20 years, Blancco software supports the leading overwriting standards to meet your security requirements, includes a verification step to ensure the overwrite a success and written to all sectors of the device and produces a certified, tamper-proof report for easy auditing.

With Blancco, you get the most certified, approved and recommended data erasure software in the world, including our patented SSD erasure method. To explore how Blancco can help you navigate the complexity of compliance across your organization with certified data erasure, contact us today.

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