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Dec 13, 2019 Video

Watch the video to find out how Blancco Virtual Machine Eraser allows enterprise data centers to:

Blancco Virtual Machine Eraser allows you to permanently erase data that’s past its retention date or perform data migration from one Virtual Machine to another.


You may already know that physically erasing data on your end-of-life data center assets is important, but did you know that logical erasure can also be crucial for compliance?

Whether you need to permanently erase data that’s past its retention date or perform data migration from one Virtual Machine to another, you need a trusted solution that securely removes data and proves it’s gone for good.

Introducing Blancco Virtual Machine Eraser –a software-based data erasure solution that securely erases virtual machine data using command lines on the hypervisor layer.

How does it work?
Blancco Virtual Machine Eraser identifies all targeted virtual machines by their ID/serial numbers. The solution then discovers and erases all files associated with the targeted virtual machine(s) (including virtual machine hard disk files, configuration files and snapshots).

With Blancco Virtual Machine Eraser, you can erase multiple VMs with a single command with automated processes or choose to perform the erasure semi-automatically or manually, depending on your requirements. For example, virtual machines hosted on ESXi host servers can be automatically powered off and removed from the inventory when the erasure command is given.

The solution provides full integration with VMWare vCenter Server and vCloud Director and Microsoft Hyper-V. Erase multiple VMs from different hosts remotely and simultaneously to save time and resources.

The solution can also be deployed to erase VMs hosted on cloud platforms.

Finally, Blancco Virtual Machine Erasure provides full integration with Blancco Management Console for detailed auditing and control to ensure full compliance. As with every Blancco erasure solution, once the data has been verifiably erased, you’ll receive a tamper-proof Certificate of Erasure to prove data sanitization.

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