Make Sure End-of-Life Data Is Gone, Gone, Gone.

Used by public and private-sector organizations alike, NIST SP 800-88, Rev. 1 guidelines are considered the standard in data sanitization today.

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  • What NIST 800-88, Rev. 1 says about data sanitization—and how these recommendations differ from the DoD 5220.22-M (“DoD Wipe”) method
  • The differences between NIST Clear, Purge and Destroy levels of sanitization
  • What’s important to your peers when choosing a data sanitization standard
  • Best practices for data sanitization on solid-state drives (SSDs) and hard disk drives (HDDs)
  • How and why organizations are moving from DoD to NIST
    …and more

In less than :60, you’ll be guided through the fundamental sanitization best practices covered by these globally respected guidelines. You’ll also discover how adopting NIST SP 800-88 for data sanitization ensures you’ve rendered end-of-life data permanently unrecoverable from all data storage media.

Bonus Content:

  • NIST Privacy Framework Deputy Manager Ellen Nadeau provides an exciting update on the upcoming NIST Privacy Framework, anticipated in late 2019.
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Watch “Moving from DoD to NIST: Best Practices for Data Sanitization”—and learn how to permanently erase your end-of-life data.

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