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Meet security, compliance and efficiency goals with Blancco data center solutions—secure data erasure and decommissioning services to permanently remove data from drives, LUNs, servers, and VMs.

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Efficiency & Security 

Whatever your data center set-up, you need to know your data is secure throughout its lifecycle. From end-of-life drives and servers, to active files, virtual machines and logical storage area networks, you can achieve data sanitization across all your IT assets with software-based data erasure.

Receive the broadest range of data erasure solutions across drives, servers, files, virtual images and LUNs, so you can prove data sanitization with an auditable 100% tamper-proof report for every erasure instance.

Room with rows of server hardware in the data center

Real-Time Active Environment Erasure 

Erase data in active environments and avoid downtime with Blancco Data Center solutions. Create policy-based erasure activities on files and folders to remove individual files to prove compliance, and erase logical units in a SAN or virtual infrastructure in real-time, active environments.

SSD drive and 2.5 HDD drive

Server/RMA Drive Decommissioning

Blancco Drive Eraser ensures easy and secure erasure on every drive, with customizable and auditable reports to achieve compliance. Hundreds of drives can be erased simultaneously and managed remotely from the Blancco Management Console, freeing up precious data center resources.

Key Benefits

What are the benefits of Blancco Data Center solutions?

Secure Erasure

Erase all types of SSDs with our patented erasure method, and choose from 25+ overwriting standards, including NIST Clear & Purge and DoD

Process Efficiency

Implement a simple, single process for asset decommissioning using the most trusted and certified data erasure software available


Automate your decommissioning policies and scale your operations with simultaneous eraser capabilities


Benefit from “Two-Way Communication” with an Asset Management System or other existing system, on asset and drive level


Achieve certified data erasure and a tamper-proof audit trail


Meet rigorous state, federal and international data privacy regulations and guidelines

The most certified data erasure in the world


tamper-proof audit trail


global certifications & recommendations


compliance with regulatory standards


standards for data erasure

Working with world-class partners

Case Study

“Blancco’s data erasure solutions helped the company achieve its number one goal: NIST 800-88 compliance, with a tamper-proof Certificate of Erasure for every server.” 

Top Technology Company Erases 4,000 Servers Simultaneously Read case study
Case Study

“The company no longer had hundreds of servers and drives piling up; this security risk was remedied with a faster, more efficient solution.” 

Increasing Data Center Efficiency for an American Cloud Computing Company Read case study
Case Study

“Blancco provided easy-to-deploy and easy-to-use tools for achieving compliance and fulfilling our secure data erasure needs.” 

Simon Lam, Sysmex Senior Manager of Regional IT  Read Case Study

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Sanitize decommissioned physical assets—at scale—and manage data erasure in active environments more efficiently and effectively. Put Blancco to the test on your loose drives, servers, VMs, LUNs, server arrays, and more.

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