Data Erasure for IT Asset Disposition Vendors

ITADs and recyclers that build and maintain robust security policies and safeguard sensitive data set themselves apart from their competitors. Utilizing the most effective and efficient methods to securely and permanently remove sensitive data is key to earn and keep client trust.

Our Solution

3TB HDD and two 2TD SSDs

Solutions for every need

Blancco Drive Eraser permanently erases sensitive data from HDDs and SSDs in desktop/ laptop computers and servers. In addition, our live environment erasure solutions securely erase LUNs, virtual machines (VMs) and servers in live environments—without any downtime. Blancco Mobile Diagnostics & Erasure solution securely diagnoses and erases mobile devices quickly, efficiently and securely.

Operational Efficiency

Blancco provides efficient operational productivity through reduced labor costs, customizable reporting and process automation. Our solutions are compliant with ISO, NIST, HIPAA, PCI DDS, SOX and other regulatory standards.

20+ years of experience

In addition to offering erasure across all IT assets, Blancco has 20+ years of experience in the ITAD industry. Our global presence allows us to offer more than just erasure licenses. We are a true partner with our ITAD customers, helping them achieve best practices, meet compliance requirements and build processes that make their organizations more efficient.

Certificate of Erasure

A comprehensive, digitally-signed and tamper-proof Certificate of Erasure, customizable according to your organization’s compliance and auditing needs, is generated.

All activities are logged, ensuring absolute transparency and gapless security before and during the auditing process. Each report includes a digital signature for maximum security and to avoid tampering.

Key Benefits

Blancco has 20+ years of experience in the ITAD industry – what do we bring to the table?


Reduce active touch time and human error with automated diagnostics and erasure processes


Connect existing solutions through our API integration for simple, easily-accessible reporting and reduced training times


Customize Blancco software to your specific needs, including: number of overwrites required, additional fields, specific company/user information, etc

Cost Reduction

Create additional revenue with data erasure offerings, and reduce costs with a comprehensive solution for both erasure and diagnostics needs


Take advantage of customizable reporting based on different erasure standards for different customers, industries or specific security needs


Our software is compliant with all state, federal and international data privacy regulations and guidelines

The most certified data erasure in the world


tamper-proof audit trail


global certifications & recommendations


compliance with regulatory standards


standards for data erasure

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Case Study

“Blancco’s programs have integrated into our operations seamlessly, while Blancco’s APIs have allowed us to import data…and reduce the amount of manual data entry required.”

John Shegerian, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman, ERI Read case study
Case Study

“We tracked the number of devices technicians [handle], and they have their own goals they want to reach. …Using Mobile Diagnostics, they could set their targets a lot higher, and we’re able to do a lot more in less time….”

Christopher Wuetz, Director of Corporate Development, Teqcycle Solutions Read case study
Case Study

“In all of the companies I’ve worked with, I’ve brought Blancco with me. I continue to be impressed with their partnership, industry knowledge, innovation and flexibility. Time and again, we’ve worked with the Blancco team to find new solutions, and they’ve always delivered.

Evrim Eravci, Executive VP & Head of Global ITAD, Procurri 
Case Study

We’re proud of our 20-year partnership with Blancco. Together we are making the Circular Economy ‘real’ by delivering tangible benefits for customers and society.”

Jason Skidmore, MD UK, 3 Step IT Read Case Study

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