Blancco Technology Group Launches Data Storage vs. Data Erasure ROI Calculator

Jun 29, 2017

Free Online Tool Lets Companies See the Impact of Erasing Data on their Data Storage Costs

Atlanta and London, June 29, 2017 – Companies spend an average of $1,593 per raw TB of capacity on data storage costs each year, according to Gartner. These costs include annual operational expense, lease, depreciation, maintenance, installation and taxes, as well as hardware, software, connectivity, disaster recovery, occupancy and personnel. But only 15 percent of the average company’s data is business-critical, which leaves 85 percent that is classified as ROT (redundant, obsolete or trivial) and dark data that could be erased. Blancco Technology Group (LON: BLTG) has today launched its Data Storage vs. Data Erasure ROI Calculator to help companies visualize just how much money they could save by erasing unneeded data.

The ROI calculator processes the average amount of data companies create and store, using a general hard cost average of $150 per terabyte of cloud storage. It then provides a side-by-side view of the average cost of storing data and the average cost of erasing data. The tool shows the cost savings delivered over time and includes a total cost savings that could be achieved after 3 years of implementing data erasure processes.

When 85 percent of the data stored by companies is deemed unnecessary and there are no data erasure processes in place, the costs of storing data compound over time. But when companies implement data erasure processes, their data storage costs will decrease significantly over time. On top of these cost savings, data erasure reduces the quantity of data that could potentially be exposed to data loss/theft in the event of a data breach.

Below is an example of the math behind the savings for a company adding as little as 10 TB of data each year. If a company creates and stores 10 TB of data per year, the assumption is that 85 percent of that data, or 8.5 TB, is not business-critical and should be erased each year.

Compounding Costs of Storing Unnecessary Data

Year 1: 8.5 TB of data = $1,275Year 2: 17 TB of data = $2,550
Year 3: 22 TB of data = $3,825

Total Cost After 2 Years: $3,825
Total Cost After 3 Years: $7,650

Costs of Erasing
Unnecessary Data

Year 1: 8.5 TB of data = $1,088
Year 2: 8.5 TB of data = $1,088
Year 3: 8.5 TB of data = $1,088

Total Cost After 2 Years: $2,176
Total Cost After 3 Years: $3,264

Richard Stiennon, Chief Strategy Officer for Blancco Technology Group and former Gartner analyst, says the new tool provides an important first step for IT security executives and CIOs looking to reduce their data storage costs. “It’s one thing to hear about the mitigated security risks and compliance other organizations have achieved through data erasure. But it’s much more compelling when companies can see the impact data erasure can have on their data storage costs compounded over time. Suddenly, data erasure becomes a critical data security solution that not only minimizes exposure to data loss/theft and ensures regulatory compliance, but also delivers a better bottom line.”

As companies look for ways to manage their data storage budgets, the following steps will enable them to achieve greater cost savings and a stronger security posture on a long-term basis:

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