[Calculator] Cloud Data Storage vs. Data Erasure ROI Calculator

Every year, enterprises are storing increasing amounts of compounding data. Many times, this data no longer provides value to the organization. With approximately 85% of your data lacking business-critical value, your IT department has an opportunity to provide savings back to the larger organization by erasing the data you no longer need.

Find out how much you could save by entering the number of terabytes you store each year.

• Costs are based on destroying 1,000 drives and may vary based on IT asset service provider used, data erasure software used, location and a number of other factors.
• The calculator estimates cost based on existing U.S. ITAD partner relationships and are not exact. Your savings may vary.

Blancco takes every reasonable step to ensure accuracy of its products. However, Blancco cannot guarantee any savings or results for any recommendations followed. The Client will be solely responsible for reviewing any results and ensuring their accuracy.