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See how Blancco Mobile Insurance equips you to reach more customers, enhance customer service, and provide the right amount of coverage at the right price.   

Accurate Device Assessments.
Anytime, Anywhere Sign-Ups

Maximize customer lifetime value with our accurate enrollment process while significantly reducing fraudulent sales and claims. Request your demo to see how Blancco Mobile Insurance can better serve and reach mobile device owners.

Market-Leading Diagnostics

See how Blancco Mobile Insurance allows you to:

  • Reach mobile customers anytime, anywhere—even after they leave the store
  • Perform precise mobile device condition checks remotely, harnessing our trusted suite of diagnostics tests and industry-leading cracked glass and LCD screen assessments
  • Mitigate fraudulent claims and signups
    Provide accurate valuations for policy pricing
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Improved Customer Experience

Watch the demo to understand:

  • The convenience of purchasing coverage anytime during the device lifecycle
  • The speed of device diagnostics when gauging device condition and value
  • The ease of consumer sign-ups via our on-device or browser-based application
  • The assurance customers gain, knowing their device has the right amount of protection

Overview: Blancco Mobile Insurance 

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