[VIDEO] Beyond Mobile Point of Sale: How New Technology Expands Insurance Opportunities

Jul 28, 2021 Video

Blancco’s Senior Mobile Specialist Kon Maragelis was interviewed by founder of the Digital Insurance Agenda (DIA) at DIA Primetime. Learn how a new mobile device insurance app reaches potential subscribers anytime, anywhere.

In this video you’ll learn:

How traditionally, mobile device insurance has been limited to a slim window of opportunity: Sales teams addressed insurance options with face-to-face consumers, hoping to gain opt-ins before customers walked out the door with their new devices. It’s no wonder: insuring even slightly used devices was fraught with issues. Insurers had no way of knowing how to measure the integrity of a used device, or how to objectively gauge when a late-insuree was out to game the system. New technology puts these concerns to rest, blowing open the doors to insuring accurately valuated devices while minimizing risk.

Kon Margelis of Blancco, the global leader in mobile diagnostics, shows us how.

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