Erasing Assets Remotely Using Blancco Drive Eraser

By remotely controlling Blancco Drive Eraser through the Blancco Management Console (BMC), Blancco customers can run remote and simultaneous erasures across multiple drives and locations. This saves organizations precious time and resources while increasing security and boosting resale profits.

Remote erasure allows you to:

  • Erase equipment across any location, so assets are secure before leaving your facility
  • Avoid moving equipment with data on it to your central location for pickup
  • Erase thousands of servers/drives simultaneously for efficient data center decommissioning or consolidation
  • Erase RMA drives en masse prior to returning them to the manufacturer
  • Erase full assets—without needing to remove drives before shipping
  • Achieve erasure with limited personnel on the ground; e.g., one person or admin can control and erase thousands of servers
  • Achieve a locked down erasure process; when a remote erasure is initiated, the local Drive Eraser UI is locked down

Download the Solution Brief.