Enterprises around the world are struggling to find the best method for data sanitization across their IT asset portfolio. Data erasure is a data sanitization method recommended by Gartner, NIST and ISO. Deleting data leaves sensitive information behind, and, most enterprises need an audit trail to prove compliance with data retention and sanitization regulations. Blancco data erasure solutions work across the entire enterprise and lifecycle of every IT asset. We support organizations by assisting in the development and enforcement of data removal policies to prove compliance and achieve the highest level of data sanitization across every device and stage of the data.

Recommended Data Eraser Products for Enterprises:

  • Blancco Drive Eraser
    Securely erase sensitive data from HDDs and complex SSDs in desktop/laptop computers and servers.
  • Blancco File Eraser
    Go beyond file shredding with secure erasure of sensitive files/folders with integration and process automation.
  • Blancco Removable Media Eraser
    Permanently erase data from USB drives, SD cards, micro drives, CompactFlash cards and other flash memory storage devices.
  • Blancco Management Console
    Centralized data erasure management reporting across every IT asset with the ability to integrate with your asset management systems.
  • Blancco Hardware Solutions
    Broad onsite data erasure solutions for erasing large volumes of loose drives or disk arrays.

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Blancco Data Erasure Solutions

Watch the video for a quick overview of Blancco’s data erasure solutions, including how they can help you meet compliance with global regulations and erase data across a variety of IT assets.

As global government regulations continue to expand and evolve, reactive ways of managing compliance can be costly, complex and expose your organization to regulatory and reputational risk. With more devices accessing your network, and cyber attacks on the rise, using certified methods to sanitize your data as it moves beyond the physical level into logical and virtual environments is critical to reduce your attack surface area.

Blancco provides the only solution that can erase data in both active and inactive environments, and across a variety of IT assets, from mobile phones to large, virtualized data centers, and provide proof that it’s been done correctly. From our Management Console, you can easily manage users, launch simultaneous erasures, customize reports, automate workflows and easily integrate data erasure into your existing infrastructure.

As the most trusted data erasure provider for over 20 years, Blancco software supports the leading overwriting standards to meet your security requirements, includes a verification step to ensure the overwrite a success and written to all sectors of the device and produces a certified, tamper-proof report for easy auditing.

With Blancco, you get the most certified, approved and recommended data erasure software in the world, including our patented SSD erasure method. To explore how Blancco can help you navigate the complexity of compliance across your organization with certified data erasure, contact us today.

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Data Sanitization

To adhere to data sanitization best practices, your organization must deliberately, permanently and irreversibly remove or destroy the data stored on your memory devices. And you must do so in a way that there is no usable residual data, even with the use of advanced forensic tools. With Blancco data erasure solutions, you can prove data sanitization with the 100% tamper-proof report.

Data Erasure in Active Environments

With many of your IT assets in-use and residing on end user machines or active servers, it may seem nearly impossible to erase all data that is no longer needed. With Blancco data erasure solutions, you can integrate with your existing IT infrastructure to erase data in real-time, without any downtime.

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Data Lifecycle Management

Data is an asset. And, like any other business asset, it has value to your organization. When looking at best practices for data lifecycle management, it’s important to define where your data is stored, understand its business value, then establish data retention policies to store and, ultimately, remove the data when it reaches end-of-life. By incorporating data erasure policies with Blancco solutions enterprises can minimize the impact of data breaches expand endpoint security protection and adhere to internal and external data sanitization requirements.

Professional Services

Blancco’s Professional Services team is able to provide your organization with best practice and operational support that is finely tuned, leveraging over 20 years’ experience working with our global customers in over 30 countries. Our Blancco Certified Engineers offer a wide range of services to help our customers maximize the effectiveness of our market-leading solutions within various customer environments. Below is a list of common services we provide.

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Professional Services provided by Blancco:

  • Deployment, installation and upgrade services
    • Blancco product implementation planning and installation
    • Network booting environment (PXE booting) configuration
    • Updating existing Blancco environment
  • Custom training
    • Customized product training
    • Blancco Certified Engineer training
  • Process optimization
    • Mobile Erasure process optimization (custom workflows)
    • Server/PC volume erasure production line optimization
    • Evaluation and deployment of remote erasure options and process
    • Data Center erasure process optimization for both loose drives, Servers and SANs, including solution configuration
    • Integration with third party systems (two-way communication)
  • Erasure-as-a-Service
    • Onsite erasure services

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Key Features

Single pane of glass to Data Erasure across every IT asset

Digitally signed, tamper-proof reporting

Flexible and User-Friendly Interface

Comprehensive Reporting

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