Australia’s SCRD Helps Mining Companies Reduce Their Carbon Footprints

Mining companies in Western Australia are striving to become more environmentally friendly. Secure Computer Recycling & Disposal (SCRD) contributes to that effort with secure data erasure of ICT equipment, which keeps thousands of computers out of landfills each year.


Using Blancco secure data erasure, SCRD has:

  • Become the top ITAD for Australia’s mining industry, serving the majority of the top 10 mining companies.
  • Prevented the annual release of 5.139 kilotonnes of CO2 to the environment.
  • Performed certified, secure data erasure to keep 350 servers, 9,500 laptops, and 7,700 desktops out of landfills in just one year.
  • Dedicated itself to diverting more than 94% of e-waste from landfill.


Western Australia is one of the richest mining regions in the world. In this rugged territory, sites are often hundreds or thousands of kilometers from the nearest city. Logistics are complex and expensive, so efficiency and best practices are key.

At the same time, the mining industry is working hard to limit its climate impact, expending effort to protect water, air, and wildlife. Reducing the industry’s carbon footprint means mining firms have to move past destroying IT equipment at the end of its life. Instead, they need to set up recycling programs in remote regions, while ensuring compliance with the latest data security and disposal regulations.

Secure Computer Recycling & Disposal supports that effort with secure erasure of servers and PCs, helping keep those items out of landfills while protecting each organization’s data.

Success requires robust processes for a secure chain of custody from beginning to end. That means secure transport and handling of equipment, with assured data sanitization that can be tracked and audited.


Its membership as a Blancco Gold Partner is a key asset in SCRD’s secure, green IT asset disposition (ITAD) practice for the mining industry. In fact, Blancco secure data erasure is critical to SCRD’s mission; as Managing Director Brett Kirkwood said, “At SCRD, we take data security extremely seriously, it’s our business, it’s in our name, and it’s in the processes we undertake every day for our valued clients.”

That partnership status is just one of SCRD’s industry credentials, which also include ISO 14001 certification and status as a Western Australian Government Common Use Arrangement (CUA)-approved contractor.

Secure Computer Recycling & Disposal puts its expertise to work in an ITAD workflow built for the rough, expansive terrain of mining country. Equipment is loaded onto pallets on GPS-tracked vehicles. Third-party logistics companies truck the equipment safely to the Secure Computer Recycling & Disposal site in Perth.

We have invested heavily to become a Gold Partner with Blancco and that investment over many years has helped us become the successful business we are today.

Brett Kirkwood – Managing Director, SCRD.

Equipment gets a second life after being sanitized with Blancco Drive Eraser, using the SCRD customer’s choice of secure erasure standards. The software platform automatically generates a tamper-proof digital certificate that attests to erasure success. The certificate is then stored in a restricted, centralized repository. Such machine-generated, crypto-protected proof provides auditable assurance that lets SCRD guarantee data safety to its ITAD customers. With data protection taken care of, SCRD is able to help reduce equipment destruction and associated impacts on the environment.


Secure Computer Recycling & Disposal has come to be the flagship ITAD provider for mining companies in Australia. It has earned a reputation for quality, reliability, and cost efficiency, and its partnership with Blancco has been a pillar of that success.

With secure data erasure, Secure Computer Recycling & Disposal lessens climate harm by supporting the sustainability initiatives of its mining customers—even serving those who are more than a thousand kilometers away. By offering sustainable IT asset disposal, SCRD’s e-waste recycling has prevented over five kilotonnes of CO2 emissions in the past year alone, an amount equivalent to:

  • 6.5 million km traveled by one heavy goods vehicle,
  • 125,000 nightly hotel stays, or
  • 18 million km of business flights.

Beyond the environmental benefits, sanitized equipment can be resold, helping to offset ITAD costs.

Reducing total cost of ownership also aligns with SCRD’s S.A.V.E. strategy: Security, Accessibility, Value, and Ease. Providing customer financial gains that map to the mining industry’s environmental needs has proven immensely successful, both in winning new customers and increasing customer satisfaction.

Blancco is proud to be an enabling partner to SCRD as it helps its mining customers contribute back to their communities, regions, and planet, in a secure and fiscally sound way.

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Secure Computer Recycling & Disposal’s core focus is to offer corporate clients a best practice secure data deletion and hardware disposal service in an environmentally sustainable manner. Established in 2008, Secure Computer Recycling & Disposal has quickly grown to become one of the leading e-waste and related services companies in Australia. Secure Computer Recycling & Disposal is ISO14001 certified and has a strong commitment to achieving the best environmental and business outcomes for its clients. To learn more, visit

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