Blancco Mobile Processors Partner Program

Blancco Mobile Diagnostics & Erasure is purpose-built to enable you to achieve operational excellence; maximize profits, add value to your brand, and ensure your recognition as a leader in the handling of secure assets with our solution’s flexible design, comprehensive diagnostic tests, and certified audit trail.

Why join the Blancco Partner ecosystem?

Experience Our Sophisticated and Scalable Mobile Diagnostics & Erasure Solution.

Service and Support

We leverage ISO 9001 methodology to help you launch certified and auditable mobile diagnostics and erasure solutions.


Deliver intelligent routing based on device attributes and increase overall efficiency, while driving incremental revenue and profitability.


We give your end users the confidence that their data is 100% securely erased.

Certification and Training

Our technical and sales experts provide training to strengthen our partners mobile diagnostics and data erasure knowledge and capabilities.

Our top solutions for Mobile

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