blancco data eraser for itad companies

Blancco Data Eraser for IT Asset Disposition Companies

With 2.5 billion gigabytes of data being generated daily, physically destroying IT assets is no longer the most effective and efficient way to achieve data sanitization. And, as an organization who has customers who trust you across their entire IT lifecycle, you must use the most effective method to securely removing data to achieve compliance with the most rigorous standards. Blancco Data Eraser solutions are certified, approved and recommended by 18 global organizations, which is why the majority of device processors use Blancco. Blancco provides your organization with improved operational productivity in high volume environments to maximize the functionality and resale value of the IT assets you receive to mitigate security risks and achieve compliance with ISO, NIST, HIPAA, PCI DDS, SOX and other regulatory standards.

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blancco data eraser for mobile lifecycle management

Blancco Data Eraser for Mobile Lifecycle Management

As an organization who processes through thousands of mobile devices, there are critical steps in your operational process before the device is remarketed, redeployed or recycled. Our partners use Blancco to diagnose and erase mobile devices, maximizing the output for operational efficiencies.

With an integrated solution across mobile device diagnostics and data wiping, most recyclers choose Blancco. Blancco Mobile Diagnostics provides the most powerful set of diagnostics checks with over 50 tests. Blancco Mobile Device Eraser maintains the greatest efficiency – erasing up to 50 devices at a time.

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blancco data eraser for enterprises

Blancco Data Eraser for Enterprises

Enterprises around the world are struggling with the best method for data sanitization across every IT asset. Data erasure is a data sanitization method recommended by Gartner, NIST and ISO. Wiping of data to certain standards will only go so far. And, most enterprises need an audit trail to prove compliance to data retention and sanitization. Blancco Data Eraser works across the entire enterprise and lifecycle of every IT asset. We support organizations by assisting in the development and enforcement of data removal policies to prove compliance and achieve the highest level of data sanitization across every device and stage of the data.

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blancco data eraser for finance organizations

Blancco Data Eraser for Finance Organizations

As more consumers adopt shopping and banking online, the security threat to personal data is placing greater demands on IT teams at financial institutions to lower the impact – or even prevent – data breaches. As part of the financial industry, you are subject to many compliance regulations to protect your customer’s sensitive information, including PCI DSS, SOX and GLBA – or face financial and reputational consequences. Although the standard practice of encryption, patch management and antivirus help prevent data breaches, it isn’t enough.

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blancco data eraser for healthcare

Blancco Data Eraser for Healthcare

As the healthcare industry evolves, proliferating patient data across new devices, IT teams have even greater responsibilities to protect data. With the majority of patient information now electronic, healthcare providers and covered entities must implement physical, technical and administrative policies to meet their patient’s privacy and security rights under HIPAA – or face serious financial and reputational consequences. Although the standard practice of encryption, patch management and antivirus helps prevent data breaches, it isn’t enough.

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blancco data eraser for government agencies

Blancco Data Eraser for Government Agencies

In today’s modern storage environment, data passes through multiple organizations, systems and media. As a result, government, defense and intelligence agencies – and the civilian companies contracted with them – must safeguard sensitive data from breaches throughout the entire data lifecycle. Government security agencies have developed data sanitization standards, including the US NIST 800-88.1 and older DoD 5220.22-M, complemented by UK, German and other government standards. To protect sensitive data in transit and at rest, Blancco guarantees absolute data sanitization of all IT assets, including servers, desktop/laptop computers, smartphones, tablets, SSDs and virtual drives. Blancco’s Data Eraser data erasure solutions represent a last line of defense in the disclosure and misuse of confidential, electronic information and helps you prove compliance with audit-ready reporting.

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blancco data eraser for data centers

Blancco Data Eraser for Data Centers

Whether you have a private data center, or use a 3rd party data center to store your corporate information, you probably have confidential data that needs to be securely removed or destroyed. From end-of-life drives to active files, virtual machines and logical area networks, you can achieve data sanitization across the entire data lifecycle. And, the most advanced data sanitization method available for data center environments is certified data erasure.

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retail carrier tablet

Blancco Mobile Diagnostics for Retail Carriers and Network Operators

The Blancco Retail Mobile Diagnostics Solution is a kiosk-powered device that enhances the customer service experience and increases engagement between your customers and support staff while in-store. Through our self-service diagnostics solution, customers can plug in their device and quickly get answers to the root causes behind their device malfunctioning. This diagnosis arms your customer service representatives and support staff with the information they need to educate customers and provide them with resolutions to increase speed, performance or fixes to recurring issues. Give your staff the right tools to better service in-store customers as fast, effortless and reliable as possible.

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mobile depot facility repair

Blancco Mobile Diagnostics for Repair and Mobile Depot Facilities

The Blancco Repair Mobile Diagnostics Solution is ideal for warehouse operations, processing high volumes of mobile devices before entering a second-hand market. Using a web-based portal, your organization can easily diagnose up to ten mobile devices at a time to understand the quality and functionality of the device before moving the device into the next phase of your process. Get the improvements your organization needs for long-term mobile functionality to maximize resale value of mobile devices.

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call center support

Blancco Mobile Diagnostics for
Remote Support Call Centers

The Blancco Remote Support Mobile Diagnostics Solution empowers your customers to self-diagnose errors while seeking assistance from your support agents. By providing your customers with the ease and convenience of an on-device diagnostics application, downloaded from the App Store or Play Store, your customers can pinpoint the source of device issues and resolve them. Our easy-to-use diagnostics application guides them through a seamless process on up to 52 diagnostics tests, reducing the time and costs spent by your support organization.

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blancco technology partner program

Blancco Technology Partner Program

Whether you’re looking to integrate data erasure into your existing product or service, white label our solution to further extend your brand, or add data erasure to your existing solution offerings, we have the flexibility to meet your requirements. Data erasure is a method to sanitize data across end-of-life and active drives throughout the entire data lifecycle.

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Blancco Service Provider Partner Program

Blancco’s Service Provider Partner Program has been created exclusively for Managed Service Providers, System Integrators and Cloud Service Providers. We understand that service providers must provide a solution which both protects and promotes their brand. Blancco Data Eraser provides end users with the confidence and proof that their data is 100% securely erased. With the rapid transition from traditional IT infrastructure, to virtualized and remotely managed systems, Blancco addresses the key need for ensuring that data is securely erased within active data environments.

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Blancco Distributor Program

Distributors have the ability to distribute all Blancco solutions to drive new programs and revenue streams. Gain access to a knowledge base of industry information, sales materials, training and support.

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Blancco Reseller Program

Resellers gain access to a knowledge base of industry information, sales materials, training and support to help build customer relationships and drive revenue.

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