We remove the uncertainty from the buy-back and trade-in process so you can control variance, speed up transaction time and reach new customers.

Blancco Mobile Buy-back / Trade-in

Blancco Mobile Buy-back/Trade-in uses unique data technology to allow mobile retailers and other mobile organizations to offer an accurate value when remotely assessing the condition of mobile devices, reducing trade-in variance and increasing customer satisfaction.

Introducing Blancco Mobile Buy-back/Trade-in: a solution that helps you offer the real, not estimated value for mobile device trade-ins at your retail stores or via an online app.

Eliminate human error with automated and assisted tests that enable you to quickly and accurately assess mobile devices remotely, offering your customers a seamless buy-back/trade-in experience they can access anywhere. Let’s take a look at how the solution works.

First, we use patent-pending data technologies to assess the device condition. We also capture details like the device make, model and device identifier, eliminating human error and other inaccuracies. Next, we determine accurate device condition and value through our comprehensive, fully configurable automated and semi-automated checks, including accurate screen quality testing. Finally, we present a trade-in value directly to the consumer, based on real-time pricing and data from your organization or trade-in partner. The trade ID is only shown once the FMiP or Google locks have been removed from the device. This ensures that no locked devices go back into the reverse channel. At the end of the flow, users can be shown customizable return instructions, for use from home or in-store.

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Blancco Mobile Buy-back / Trade-in (BBTI) Solution allows carriers, retailers and online providers of BBTI solutions to accurately assess the condition of mobile devices in-store or online, removing human error from the assessment process and improving operational efficiencies.

The Blancco BBTI solution provides accurate device valuation in real time by performing remote device condition assessment using automated and assisted tests. No manual assessment or assistance is required, increasing accuracy and reducing miss-assessment and risk. In addition, our unique TradeID code also ensures no locked devices go back into the reverse channel—saving you time and money.

The solution easily integrates into existing buy-back/trade-in programs via an SDK or white-labeled app that can be accessed by customers anywhere, anytime.

Using our BBTI process, mobile organizations can avoid the top five problems that impact their bottom line today: damaged screens (glass, LCD); DOAs (dead on arrival when they come to warehouse from the retail store); locked devices; incorrectly identified model; and mistyped IMEIs

blancco mobile buy-back/trade-in interface

With Blancco Buy-back/Trade-in, you can:

Identify the device
Accurately & automatically capture details like the device make, model and IMEI, eliminating human error and Type Allocation Code (TAC) inaccuracies.

Diagnose the device condition
Determine accurate device condition and value through our comprehensive automated and semi-automated checks, including 98% accurate cracked glass detection and additional screen quality testing.

Present a trade-in value
We integrate with your trade-in partner to present your trade-in price directly to the consumer.


Key Benefits:

  • Reduce returns variance by accurately and objectively identifying device condition in-store or online
  • Provide accurate device valuation in real-time to give customers maximum return on their devices
  • Remove human error from the assessment process with a consistent process
  • Automatically identify key device information such as model and IMEI
  • Automatically detect and remove locks to ensure no locked devices go back into the reverse channel
  • Include personalized next steps for at home/in-store device return
  • Available as a white-labeled solution to fit your brand’s needs
  • Provide real-time device valuation – based on functional tests and grading (LCD damage, cracked glass, etc.) carrier, color and more
  • Easily integrate into your existing trade-in or buy-back program(s)
  • Available on the App and Play stores

Supported Languages:

  • English
  • German
  • Italian
  • French
  • Japanese
  • Korean
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