Secure data erasure for cloud migration

Certifiably erase data before, during, and after enterprise cloud migration projects. Secure data erasure ensures you’ve eliminated redundant data from your original servers or cloud instances. Also, by erasing redundant, obsolete, or trivial (ROT) data before the changeover, you’ll increase data security, slow data spread, and reduce data storage needs.

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Public and private sector enterprises must guard against data vulnerabilities, comply with numerous data protection regulations, efficiently use resources and incorporate eco-friendly practices—all within a complex portfolio of IT assets.

Our certified data erasure software performs at scale, eradicating data within active networks and across IT assets, from fleets of devices to multi-location data centers or cloud storage.


ITADs and mobile processors can sanitize a wide range of mobile devices using data erasure software.


IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) Providers

Blancco provides certified erasure at scale for recyclable data storage assets, increasing the number of used drives and devices preserved for resale.

With 20+ years of partnering with ITADs, Blancco provides IT recycling and remarketing organizations worldwide with labor-saving solutions. These accelerate end-of-life IT asset erasures, grading processes, device valuations, and time to market—minimizing costs and maximizing returns.

Our Cloud Migration Solutions

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Data Erasure Across the Data Lifecycle

  • Ensure the secure removal of ROT (Redundant, Obsolete, or Trivial) data from laptops, PCs, LUNs, or VMs.
  • Effectively eliminate temporary data, including project files and sensitive client information, found in files, partitions, or on-demand. Schedule automatic file removal through Group Policy or Task Scheduler.
  • Perform data erasure in compliance with retention policies. This involves removing financial or other sensitive processing data (e.g., credit card information) on an ongoing basis as required by your systems or deleting data at the end of specific time frames mandated by legislation (e.g., HIPAA).

Certificate Of Erasure

Get a comprehensive, digitally signed and tamper-proof certificate of erasure, customizable according to your organization’s compliance and auditing needs as part of our cloud migration process.

All activities are logged, ensuring absolute transparency and gapless security before and during the auditing process. Each report includes a digital signature for maximum security.

Manage, Enforce, And Report With Blancco Management Portal

Access a centralized reporting solution where you can manage all data erasure licenses, create and modify users, and have complete visibility of erasure activities. And, your organization will benefit from a centralized point of data management control with certified, tamper-proof audit reports.

The most certified data erasure in the world


Tamper-proof audit trail


Global certifications, & recommendations


Compliance with regulatory standards


Standards for data erasure

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Case Study Enterprise

“Blancco gives us peace of mind that our data is secure and only present in authorized devices. All other devices that used to contain our data have been erased completely and that data cannot be recovered.”

Maria Angelica B. Rapadas, CIO and Exec. Director, Ayala Corporation Read case study
Case Study Enterprise

“Blancco was the obvious choice to help us through what was a challenging and time-pressured period. Blancco’s software provided us with the means to erase data from hundreds of machines in quick fashion and with minimal setup time.”

Peter Jones, Lead Consultant, Ruby Datum Read case study
Case Study Enterprise

“I’m a data protection officer and I make sure that the personal data of our clients are secure. Blancco simply just closes the loop of the data lifecycle. That’s why I really feel the need to include Blancco in our processes and governance.”

Sasa Montes, DPO, Unionbank Watch the video

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Seamlessly integrate data erasure software within your environment and streamline compliance with global regulations. See first-hand how Blancco increases data protection across the widest variety of drives and data storage scenarios.

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Sanitize decommissioned physical assets—at scale—and manage data erasure in active environments more efficiently and effectively. Put Blancco to the test on your loose drives, servers, VMs, LUNs, server arrays, and more.

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