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Blancco Mobile Retail

Learn how your mobile retail business can combine tailored workflows to increase customer satisfaction, enable a more accurate NTF process, offer mobile insurance remotely (even after point of sale), transfer content seamlessly and provide accurate, on the spot trade-in value for mobile devices.

Introducing Blancco Mobile Retail: an app that helps retailers accurately assess the condition of mobile devices online or in-store. With Blancco Mobile Retail, you can choose from and combine a variety of workflows to create a customized solution that meets your needs.

These workflows give retailers the ability to:

  • Offer insurance coverage options & reduce fraud by accurately assessing device condition remotely.
  • Offer the proper value for devices during the buy-back/trade-in process –at home or in-store.
  • Reduce No Fault/Trouble Found returns and increase customer satisfaction with the Returns Reduction workflow.
  • Provide cross-platform wireless content transfers—no hardware required with the Content Transfer workflow.

With the Buy-back/Trade-in workflow, you can:

  • Provide accurate device valuation in real-time – based on functional tests and cosmetic grade, carrier, lock status and more.
  • Configure trade-in prices and cosmetic questions to fit your unique needs.
  • Include personalized next steps for at-home/in-store device return.
  • Facilitate omnichannel delivery with an app that’s entirely App & Play Store compatible.

When your customers are ready to switch over from their old devices, you can use the content transfer workflow to:

  • Perform fast, cross-platform wireless content transfers, with no hardware required.
  • Initiate multiple wireless content transfers at once, even in busy retail environments.

You can also reduce the risk of No Trouble (or Fault) Found returns by using the Returns Reduction workflow to:

  • Perform a quick and objective assessment of the condition of the device remotely or in-store, without the risk of human error, using a comprehensive suite of configurable automated and assisted tests.
  • Once the process is complete, you can present personalized next steps for at-home or in-store device return.
  • Record and provide NTF/NFF data to inform end-to-end visibility from the end-user to the manufacturer.

Finally, here’s a chance to catch the 90% of customers who leave your retail stores without mobile insurance. With Blancco Mobile Insurance, you can now offer device insurance at point-of-sale or anytime throughout the customer lifecycle- with a customer app or browser solution.

Here’s how it works. First, the customer gets an insurance price (based on real-time, back-end data your company specifies.) Then, it’s time to test the condition of the device through a set of configurable tests. From LCD screen testing to “cracked glass” testing, you’ll receive the information you need to offer the right amount of protection and reduce fraudulent claims.

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returns reduction solution graphic

Returns Reduction

  • Quickly and objectively assess device condition with automated and assisted tests.
  • Reduce NTF/NFF returns by up to 40 percent.
  • Eliminate user and retail agent subjective opinions.
  • Accurately identify device make, model and memory.
  • Prevent locked devices entering the reverse channel with a unique TradeID code.
  • Show NTF/NFF best practice recommendations with the ability to update in real time.
  • Show personalized instructions for at home or in-store device return.
  • Comprehensive NTF/NFF data shows store level compliance and failure rates and provides end-user to manufacturer device return visibility.
mobile trade-in graphic

Buy-back / Trade-in

  • Reduce returns variance by accurately and objectively identifying device condition.
  • Provide real-time valuations – based on functional tests and cosmetic grade, carrier, color and more.
  • Enable remote device condition assessment with automated and assisted tests.
  • Easily configure trade-in prices and cosmetic questions.
  • Easily integrate into your existing trade-in or buy-back program(s).
  • Include personalized next steps for at home/in-store device return.
  • Guide users to remove OEM Locks and passcodes—so locked devices never go back into your inventory.
  • Completely App & Play Store compatible.
data transfer graphic

Wireless Content Transfer

  • Perform fast, cross-platform wireless content transfers—no hardware required.
  • Initiate multiple wireless content transfers at once, at-home or in retail environments.
  • Perform transfers directly through the router—no internet connection required.
  • Easy to use; minimal sales training required; use a single interface for multiple platforms.
  • Transfer videos, images and contacts effortlessly.
mobile insurance solution graphic

Mobile Insurance

  • Identify and assess device condition prior to offering coverage.
  • Allow customers to purchase insurance anywhere, any time through an app or web browser with remote condition assessment.
  • Provide a range of insurance purchase options.
  • Perform accurate claim validation/fraud detection.
  • Configure your unique set of automated and assisted diagnostic tests, including: screen quality tests, physical damage and lost/stolen checks.
  • Update real-time insurance plan quotes on the fly.

fraud prevention risk management dashboard

Fraud Prevention & Risk Management Dashboard

Easily access:

  • Device details
  • App install statistics
  • Detailed test results (insurance, NTF/NFF)
  • Trade-in app. progress

Intelligent Remote Diagnostics

Leveraging AI, Augmented Reality and Machine-Learning patent-pending technologies, we exploit the hidden value within the entire device lifecycle.

Automatic Tests Include:

  • Capacity and availability
  • Number of contacts & apps installed
  • Security locks, FMIP & Google account detection
  • Make, model, marketing name & MAC address
  • Time, date & location settings
  • OS version
  • SIM card, phone number, carrier and more

Configurable Diagnostic Tests Include:

  • LCD & screen glass
  • Capture IMEI / serial number / MEID / IMSI
  • Sensors: magnetometer, gyroscope, accelerometer
  • Touchscreen, screen timeout details, brightness
  • Buttons (mute, volume, home, power)
  • Microphone
  • Loudspeaker
  • Earpiece
  • Earphone jack
  • Battery health, temperature, charging & drain
  • Dead pixels
  • Front & back camera & flash
  • GPS
  • WiFi
  • Bluetooth & connection details
blancco automated review interface

libraries & integration

Libraries & Integration

Leverage our diagnostic tools as the backbone of your customer experience.

Complete White-Labeling & Localization

Complete White-Labeling & Localization

Customize our solution through white-labeling to provide your users a frictionless brand experience.

Easy-to-Use Interface

Easy-to-Use Interface

Our easy to use consumer app diagnoses device health in as little as three minutes. Remove human error and reduce fraudulent claims through a guided workflow process.

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