Resolve customer issues on the spot with a single, simple, omnichannel solution that enables consistent, accurate and measurable diagnostics for smartphones and tablets. Blancco Mobile Diagnostics enables mobile network operators/carriers, retailers and customer service centers to find the source of device issues and resolve them quickly.

Whether you need a retail solution, a web-based solution for remote support or an app on device for customer self-service, Blancco can provide a customized end-to-end solution to fit your needs. By identifying the cause of mobile device issues, your customers can optimize device performance, reduce NTF returns by up to 60% and recover the costs associated with customer service complaints and repairs. And, with the advanced business intelligence dashboard, your organization can use real-time data and analytics to improve the overall customer care process, minimize costs and increase customer satisfaction.


4.5 billion dollars. That’s how much No Trouble Found (NTF) returns cost mobile manufacturers, operators and retailers each year. Blancco Mobile Diagnostics Retail solution empowers your sales representatives to be troubleshooting experts, for all Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. Here’s how it works: when consumers come into your store unsatisfied with

their devices. Your representatives plug them into our self-service diagnostics tablet. In under two minutes, the self-guided application performs a comprehensive set of tests to determine potential device battery and performance issues. Your representatives can then view the results on a simple-to-use touchscreen interface and provide fast and reliable diagnosis of issues and easy step-by-step solutions to optimize device performance. As a result, your customers’ issues are resolved on-the-spot, making it easier for your representatives to increase revenue with accessory upsell opportunities, reduce NTF returns by eliminating unnecessary processing, improve customer satisfaction, leading to higher Net Promoter and Willingness to Recommend scores and provide the best upgrade experience when fault is found, with customers walking out of your store with a working device. Discover how you can improve your customer satisfaction by over 30 percent. Contact us today to learn more about Blancco Mobile Diagnostics Retail solution.

Watch the video to learn how Blancco Diagnostics can make your mobile retail carriers more efficient.

Blancco Mobile Diagnostics – Retail Solution

Blancco provides a kiosk-powered device that helps your retail customer service and support staff educate customers on how their mobile devices function and what steps they can take to speed up performance and/or solve recurring issues. This self-service diagnostics solution lets your customers quickly identify device issues and complements your in-store customer service experience. Give your customer service representatives the right tools to make the customer service experience as fast, effortless and reliable as possible for customers.

Key Benefits

  • Highly configurable and easy to maintain
  • In-depth and reliable testing
  • Identify and resolve device performance issues quickly and accurately (i.e. battery drain, crashing apps, SD cards, etc.)
  • Optimize the customer care experience across all touchpoints – from on-line to call centers to in-store
  • Improve first-time resolution by resolving customer issues during initial contact
  • Solve software issues on customer’s devices, including crashing apps, antivirus apps, storage issues, high RAM, CPU, battery issues
  • Reduce unwarranted device returns. Reduce the quantity of NTF (No Trouble Found) returns by up to 80%
  • Address customer issues and recommend solutions that increase customer satisfaction, leading to higher Net Promoter Scores
  • Enable upgrades/buybacks/trade-ins with easy API integration




Introducing the Blancco SDK

Read more about Blancco’s new software development kit (SDK) solution for mobile diagnostic 3rd party apps.

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Easy-to-Use Interface

Blancco Mobile Diagnostics is an automated tool performing a complete set of 60+ diagnostics tests in under 5 minutes, or quick testing in under 2 minutes. With a simple touchscreen interface, your customer service representatives and support staff become the experts through a guided workflow on how to optimize your customer’s mobile device, including optimization of performance and battery life.

Improve Customer Satisfaction and Net Promoter Scores

Mobile devices are woven into the fabric of our everyday lives. And when customers’ devices aren’t performing up to standard, they turn to you. Give your customer service representatives and support staff the ability to uncover and resolve mobile device issues for your customers, regardless of the model and operating system. With Blancco Mobile Diagnostics, you put the tools into your teams’ hands to identify and resolve your customer’s mobile device issues and optimize performance – quickly and effectively. As a result, your customers walk away satisfied from your retail store, reducing your customer churn.

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See how you can easily diagnose and repair mobile devices to improve customer service and maximize resale values.

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