Add an additional level of security to your existing physical destruction program with software-based data erasure.

With 2.5 billion gigabytes of data being generated daily, securely sanitizing assets and data that’s no longer needed is more important than ever. Customers trust that their ITAD will dispose of their data securely, so utilizing the most effective and efficient methods to securely and permanently remove sensitive data is key to earn and keep client trust.

ITADs and recyclers that build and maintain robust security policies and safeguard sensitive data set themselves apart from their competitors. Blancco Drive Eraser permanently erases sensitive data from HDDs and SSDs in desktop/ laptop computers and servers. In addition, our live environment erasure solutions securely erase LUNs, virtual machines (VMs) and servers in live environments—without any downtime. Blancco Mobile Diagnostics & Erasure solution securely diagnoses and erases mobile devices quickly, efficiently and securely.

Blancco provides efficient operational productivity through reduced labor costs, customizable reporting and process automation. Our solutions are compliant with ISO, NIST, HIPAA, PCI DDS, SOX and other regulatory standards.

In addition to offering erasure across all IT assets, Blancco has 20+ years of experience in the ITAD industry. Our global presence allows us to offer more than just erasure licenses. We are a true partner with our ITAD customers, helping them achieve best practices, meet compliance requirements and build processes that make their organizations more efficient.


As global government regulations continue to expand and evolve, reactive ways of managing compliance can be costly, complex and expose your organization to regulatory and reputational risk. With more devices accessing your network, and cyber attacks on the rise, using certified methods to sanitize your data as it moves beyond the physical level into logical and virtual environments is critical to reduce your attack surface area.

Blancco provides the only solution that can erase data in both active and inactive environments, and across a variety of IT assets, from mobile devices to large, virtualized data centers, and provide proof that it’s been done correctly. From our Management Console, you can easily manage users, launch simultaneous erasures, customize reports, automate workflows and easily integrate data erasure into your existing infrastructure.

As the most trusted data erasure provider for over 20 years, Blancco software supports the leading overwriting standards to meet your security requirements, includes a verification step to ensure the overwrite a success and written to all sectors of the device and produces a certified, tamper-proof report for easy auditing.

With Blancco, you get the most certified, approved and recommended data erasure software in the world, including our patented SSD erasure method. To explore how Blancco can help you navigate the complexity of compliance across your organization with certified data erasure, contact us today.

Watch the video for a quick overview of Blancco’s data erasure solutions, including how they can help you meet compliance with global regulations and erase data across a variety of IT assets.

Key Benefits:

  • Reduce active touch time and human error with automated diagnostics and erasure processes
  • Take advantage of customizable reporting based on different erasure standards for different customers, industries or specific security needs
  • Connect existing solutions through our API integration for simple, easily-accessible reporting and reduced training times
  • Support the erasure of new and varied technologies
  • Customize Blancco software to your specific needs, including: number of overwrites required, additional fields, specific company/user information, etc.
  • Create additional revenue with data erasure offerings
  • Reduce costs with a comprehensive solution for both erasure and diagnostics needs

data erasure for IT asset disposition vendors

Top Blancco Solutions for ITADs:

  • Blancco Drive Eraser
    Blancco Drive Eraser is a robust data sanitization solution for PCs, laptops, servers and loose drives. Our patented SSD erasure solution is the first of its kind.
  • Blancco Management Console
    Blancco Management Console proves, enforces and manages your compliance plans and policies with a centralized and secure point of control. Available in on-premise and Cloud variants.
  • Blancco Mobile Diagnostics & Erasure
    Combine powerful diagnostics tests with secure mobile erasure to increase efficiency, improve security and guarantee compliance.
  • Blancco Hardware Solutions
    Securely erase data on loose drives and drive enclosures on-premise at data centers or in large IT facilities.
  • Blancco Network Device Eraser
    Sanitize network devices such as switches and routers to meet NIST SP 800-88 Clear standard. Receive key hardware details and a tamper-proof erasure report.
  • Active Erasure Solutions
    Erase servers, LUNs, VMs and other data center equipment quickly and securely without any downtime.

If you are interested in reselling Blancco solutions or providing services outside your facility, please contact Blancco for other programs that will support you.

blancco certificate of erasure image

Certificate of Erasure

A comprehensive, digitally-signed Certificate of Erasure is automatically generated after each erasure. Reporting can be customized to include a wide variety of fields according to your organization’s compliance and auditing needs.

Each report provides detailed information that helps organizations comply with such regulations as ISO 27001, FISMA, HIPAA, SOX, GDPR, GLBA, PCI DSS and more. All activities are logged, ensuring absolute transparency and gapless security before and during the auditing process. Each report includes a digital signature for maximum security and to avoid tampering.

Blancco’s Partner Program for ITADs

A full erasure service at bb-net consists of three stages. Find data, erase them and destruct defective data carriers. Blancco fits perfectly into our almost fully automated process environment and offers a maximum in security and quality.

Michael Bleicher , Founder and CEO at bb-net – The IT Lifecycle Company

As a trusted Blancco Gold ITAD Partner servicing Australia’s largest organisations, SCRD is able to rely on Blancco’s certified data erasure software to safeguard all our client’s sensitive data throughout the process, achieving the highest compliance standards, increasing efficiency and decreasing costs for our valued clients.

Brett Kirkwood , Managing Partner at Secure Computer Recycling & Disposal

The World’s Top ITADs Partner with Blancco


When you need a 100% tamper-proof audit trail to prove compliance with data privacy and data destruction requirements, Blancco is the ideal partner. Join the Blancco ITAD Partner Program to improve your internal data sanitization processes and help your customers have the best solution to meet their needs.

Features Benefits Criteria
Highest level of technical support Marketed on Blancco website Sign minimum 3-year contract
Software updates included for the length of the contract Access to certified training Display Blancco partner logo on website
Access to a knowledge base of industry information, training & support PDF Case Study and joint marketing opportunities Minimum license purchase agreement
Certified training Process Consultation Actively promote Blancco solutions to customers & prospects
Access to partner portal Agree to fixed payment structure
Partner logo and certificate


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