Mobile Diagnostics & Erasure

When processing high volumes of mobile devices to resell, repair or recycle, efficiency is crucial. Blancco Mobile Diagnostics & Erasure was purpose-built for mobile processors, enabling our customers to achieve operational excellence while maximizing profits. With its flexible design, comprehensive diagnostic tests and certified audit trail, Blancco Mobile Diagnostics & Erasure adds value to your brand, ensuring you’re recognized as a trusted leader when it comes to the handling and disposition of mobile assets.

Key Benefits of Blancco Mobile Diagnostics & Erasure Software:

Add Efficiencies:

  • Quickly erases data on up to 80+ mobile devices simultaneously with properly scoped hardware and configuration
  • Bypass iOS UI setup (except pressing ‘trust device’)
  • Create simple or complex workflows for grading, erasure and diagnostics
  • Perform e-Sim Erasure
  • Perform rapid erasure for iOS devices in DFU mode and for Android devices with manual ADB enabled/disabled
  • Perform carrier ID checks for iOS and Android devices
  • Integrate with a webcam to take photos of devices and save to your servers; use these to assist with grading, to feature device photos in reports, etc.
  • Identify key locks and determine device value quickly so operators can route faster, including IMEI, FMiP, Rooted/Jailbroken checks and carrier locks

Simplify Processes:

  • Monitor and measure the efficiency of the operators on the floor with Blancco’s business intelligence dashboard
  • Establish profiles to easily process different types of devices for different companies, markets or objectives using specified erasure standards, unique test sets and more
  • Leverage 2-Way API integration to seamlessly integrate with existing WMS and ERP systems
  • Track devices across their full lifecycle (e.g. carriers can track actions taken by re-manufacturers)
  • Improve quality controls and quality assurance to improve customer satisfaction, reduce RMAs and improve overall brand reputation

Ensure Compliance:

  • Securely erases iOS, Android and most Windows and BlackBerry devices
  • Choose from Data Clear (Factory Reset) or any of 13 secure wiping/erasure method, including Aperiodic Random Overwrite and DoD 5220.22M
  • Produce a certified tamper-proof audit trail, backed by Blancco’s digitally-signed Certificate of Erasure and customized reports

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When your organization is processing, recycling or remarketing large volumes of mobile devices, protecting customers’ data, understanding the value of the assets and producing a certified, auditable trail to prove compliance are top priorities.

Join the Blancco partner network and gain recognition in the mobile device processing industry. Blancco understands the need to have a partner program that promotes high standards, giving end users the confidence to know that their data is 100% securely erased with our range of secure data erasure solutions and properly diagnosed through our Mobile Diagnostics & Erasure offering.


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