Combine powerful diagnostics tests with secure mobile erasure to increase efficiency, improve security and guarantee compliance.

When processing high volumes of mobile devices to resell, repair or recycle, efficiency is crucial. The Blancco Mobile Diagnostics & Erasure product is purpose-built to improve operational efficiency and throughput for your facility. With its flexible design, comprehensive diagnostic tests and certified audit trail, Blancco Mobile Solutions ensure you’re positioned as the most trusted brand for secure mobile device handling and processing. Deeply embedded in the mobile industry, and with a large global partner ecosystem, Blancco can help you achieve consistency, added efficiency and expanded data protection across your facilities.

With Blancco Mobile Diagnostics & Erasure, your organization has the tools to rapidly process devices, certify data sanitization, improve customer satisfaction and increase overall profits. And with Blancco’s advanced business intelligence dashboard, you can use real-time data and analytics to gain operational insights into the business, improve processes, reduce costs and adapt to fluctuating market demands.

Key Benefits of Blancco Diagnostics & Erasure:

Add Efficiencies:

  • Shorten processing times via automated testing capabilities
  • Automate processes while reducing training times
  • Improve quality controls and quality assurance to improve customer satisfaction, reduce RMAs and improve overall brand reputation
  • Monitor and measure the efficiency of the operators on the floor with Blancco’s business intelligence dashboard
  • Identify key locks and determine device value quickly so operators can route faster, including IMEI, FMiP, Rooted/Jailbroken checks and carrier locks
  • Quickly and securely erase data on 80+ mobile devices simultaneously with properly scoped hardware and configuration

Simplify Processes:

  • Provide data analytics on processed devices, permitting informed product acquisition
  • Provide business intelligence, enabling your organization to make strategic decisions
  • Establish profiles to easily process different types of devices for different companies, markets or objectives using specified erasure standards, unique test sets and more
  • Leverage 2-Way API integration to seamlessly integrate with existing WMS and ERP systems
  • Create simple or complex workflows for grading, erasure and diagnostics

Ensure Compliance:

  • Produce a certified tamper-proof audit trail, backed by Blancco’s digitally-signed Certificate of Erasure and customized reports
  • Choose from Data Clear (Factory Reset) or any of our 13 secure wiping/erasure methods, including Aperiodic Random Overwrite and DoD 5220.22M
  • Compliant with state, federal and international data privacy regulations, standards and guidelines, including NIST 800-88 Clear & Purge and DOD 5220.22

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When your organization is processing, recycling or remarketing large volumes of mobile devices, protecting customers’ data, understanding the value of the assets and producing a certified, auditable trail to prove compliance are top priorities.

Join the Blancco partner network and gain recognition in the mobile device processing industry. Blancco understands the need to have a partner program that promotes high standards, giving end users the confidence to know that their data is 100% securely erased with our range of secure data erasure solutions and properly diagnosed through our Mobile Diagnostics & Erasure offering.


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