Up to 90 percent of customers leave mobile retail stores without device insurance, creating an opportunity for you to offer coverage accurate coverage at-home, on-device.

Post-sale insurance enrollments have traditionally represented higher rates of fraudulent claims, resulting in post-sale subscription offers either being abandoned or never offered in the first place. Blancco Mobile Insurance reduces fraudulent insurance claims by accurately assessing the condition of mobile devices remotely with a trusted, configurable app customers can access anywhere.

Blancco Mobile Insurance

With Blancco Mobile Insurance, you can now remotely offer insurance at any point in the customer lifecycle (even after point-of-sale) giving you the ability to target new subscribers and expand your existing customer base, while also reducing your cost of sale.

Introducing Blancco Mobile Insurance: an app or browser-based solution that allows you to maximize customer lifetime value with accurate enrollment process and fraud detection, on phones and tablets.

Blancco Mobile Insurance gives you the power to perform accurate mobile device condition checks remotely, meaning customers can now purchase mobile insurance at any time, even after point-of-sale. Let’s look at just how easy it is to use the solution. First, the customer gets an insurance price based on real-time back-end data your company specifies. Then, it’s time to test the condition of the device through a set of configurable tests. From LCD screen testing to “cracked glass” testing, you’ll receive the information you need to offer the right amount of protection and reduce fraudulent claims. The process takes just over a minute, from start to finish – creating a seamless customer experience.

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With our trusted suite of diagnostic tests, as well as our industry-leading cracked glass detection and screen quality tests, mobile insurers can feel confident they’re offering the right amount of coverage, at the right price point, in the comfort of the customer’s home at any time.

While there are many diagnostic solutions on the market, none are as comprehensive or as globally scalable as Blancco Mobile Insurance, the industry standard in remote mobile device assessment.

blancco mobile insurance phone interface

Key Benefits:

  • Identify and accurately assesses device condition so you can offer the right amount of coverage to customers at any point in the device lifecycle
  • Allow customers to purchase insurance anywhere, any time through an app or web browser with remote condition assessment
  • Open up a new segment for up to 90 percent of new devices post-sale, with the opportunity to exponentially grow your subscriber base while significantly reducing fraudulent sales and claims
  • Access a Management Portal for tracking and reporting trends, usage, etc.
  • Offer industry leading cracked glass and LCD screen assessment
  • Collect key device information such as IMEI, make, model and memory and remove human error during assessment
  • Configure pricing on back-end systems to show insurance prices dynamically in-app
  • Eliminate inaccurate customer assessment of device quality with a consistent, easy-to-use process
  • Manage common fraudulent behaviors with key security measures
  • Provide a variety of insurance purchase options, based on your unique requirements.

Available in Three Formats:

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Downloadable App

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Web Browser

Additional Information About Our Browser Solution:

For organizations that require a quick and easy way to diagnose device screen condition without the need to download an app, Blancco offers a browser solution to perform condition testing.

During the process, the user will use his/her mobile device and:

  1. Be directed from your site to a designated testing URL.
  2. Input a code to activate testing.
  3. Perform simple testing (in under 2 minutes) to determine device screen condition.
  4. Be re-directed to your website to complete the insurance purchase process.

Blancco Mobile Insurance – Browser Solution is extremely scalable and can be deployed much faster than an app-based solution, meaning you can get your online insurance program up-and-running and quickly bring in profits.

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