90% of customers leave mobile retail stores without device insurance, creating an opportunity for you to offer at-home, on-device mobile insurance solutions and increase profits. Prevent fraudulent insurance claims by confirming the condition of mobile devices remotely with a trusted, configurable app or browser experience customers can access anywhere.

blancco mobile insurance phone interface

Key Benefits:

  • Identify and assess device condition prior to offering coverage.
  • Perform accurate claim validation/fraud detection.
  • Configure your unique set of tests, including: 98% accurate cracked glass detection, physical damage and lost/stolen checks.
  • Enable remote device condition assessment with automated and assisted tests.
  • Update real time insurance plan quotes on the fly.
  • Remove human error with objective device assessments.
  • Provide a variety of insurance purchase options, based on your unique requirements.

Your business = Your unique diagnostics & quote configurations, on your schedule.

Available in Three Formats:

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Downloadable App

browser experience

Browser Experience

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