90% of customers leave mobile retail stores without device insurance, creating an opportunity for you to offer at-home, on-device mobile insurance solutions and increase profits. Prevent fraudulent insurance claims by confirming the condition of mobile devices remotely with a trusted, configurable app customers can access anywhere.

Blancco Mobile Insurance

With Blancco Mobile Insurance, mobile insurance providers now have the ability to remotely offer insurance at any point in the customer lifecycle (even after point-of-sale). With our trusted suite of diagnostic tests, as well as our industry-leading cracked glass detection and screen quality tests, mobile insurers can feel confident they’re offering the right amount of coverage, at the right price point.

Introducing Blancco Mobile Insurance: an app or browser-based solution that allows you to maximize customer lifetime value with accurate enrollment process and fraud detection, on phones and tablets.

Blancco Mobile Insurance gives you the power to perform accurate mobile device condition checks remotely, meaning customers can now purchase mobile insurance at any time, even after point-of-sale. Let’s look at just how easy it is to use the solution. First, the customer gets an insurance price based on real-time back-end data your company specifies. Then, it’s time to test the condition of the device through a set of configurable tests. From LCD screen testing to “cracked glass” testing, you’ll receive the information you need to offer the right amount of protection and reduce fraudulent claims. The process takes just over a minute, from start to finish – creating a seamless customer experience.

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Key Benefits:

  • Identify and assess device condition prior to offering coverage.
  • Perform accurate claim validation/fraud detection.
  • Configure your unique set of tests, including: screen quality tests, physical damage and lost/stolen checks.
  • Enable remote device condition assessment with automated and assisted tests.
  • Update real time insurance plan quotes on the fly.
  • Remove human error with objective device assessments.
  • Provide a variety of insurance purchase options, based on your unique requirements.

Your business = Your unique diagnostics & quote configurations, on your schedule.

Available in Two Formats:

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