Trust Blancco to Eradicate All Your End-of-Life Data—Sustainably

Extend the life of your IT assets with Blancco’s market-leading data erasure software. Learn how your business can start supporting the circular economy with this simple and secure device sanitization solution.

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Better for Your Business.
Better Still for Our Planet.

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To minimize the risk of data breaches, many enterprises favor physically destroying their IT assets. It feels more “final” than any other sanitization solution and, as such, it’s believed to be the most secure. But that’s not always the case—and it’s certainly not the most sustainable option.

E-waste is a growing concern and it’s common within the IT industry. According to the World Economic Forum (WEF) and the UN E-waste Coalition, approximately 50 million metric tons of e-waste is produced every year. That’s the same weight as all the commercial aircrafts ever built.

There’s another device sanitization solution that NIST confirms offers “the same security level as proper physical destruction with verification and an audit trail”.

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Redeploy, resell, and recycle with confidence

Ensure complete data sanitization, every time. Blancco’s drive erasure, including its patented SSD erasure method, verifiably erases 100 percent of the drive. No data is recoverable. As a result, the physical destruction of functional IT assets can often be costly and wasteful.

Strengthen your cyber security

Bolster your organization’s ESG or CSR policy

Eliminate data breach risk on decommissioned devices

Realize the true value of your IT assets

Remove data efficiently and irreversibly

Blancco’s Secure Data Erasure app is a scalable solution which ensures global compliance. With its remote erasure capabilities, you can quickly sanitize your ServiceNow-managed* assets from anywhere. You’ll also get a tamper-proof audit trail to verify and certify that the data has been permanently erased.

Automate data erasure for multiple (or single) assets

Get data protection assurance

Access reports within the ServiceNow platform

Comply with privacy regulations

*Not a ServiceNow user? Blancco’s data erasure solutions integrate with many ITSMs. Download the eBook to learn how.

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